Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby's got a brand new hat..

Isn't she the cutest little pixie baby?

And she clearly needed a handmade hat to complete the effect.

    I actually started knitting this for Nandini this weekend.  And am totally shocked/pleased with myself for being already done with it. (If you are interested you can find the pattern here.)  It's a very good pattern for beginners I think and doesn't require any annoying 'knitting in the round.'  I did get a little tripped up by the phrase 'knit the knits and purl the purls.'  I mean, is it meant to obfuscate on purpose?  That is why the edge looks a little ruffly and is not in the same ribbing pattern.  I decided to leave it like that because I ended up liking the effect.  I have a little bit of finishing to do, but I was too excited not to share.

Nandini mid-sneeze, this may be my favorite picture of the day.  I thought I got a picture of her sneezing with my phone the other day, but the stupid thing froze and I was so crushed I missed the photo - luckily this makes up for it.

Ryan has been requesting pictures of the hat (and the baby of course).   She is so much more alert all the time now, look at those eyes!

Vintage baby photo edits of baby in a vintage baby knit hat. 

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