Friday, May 27, 2011

parenting 101 - Niru and Ryan style

11:53 PM me: She just fell asleep again
11:54 PM Ryan: cool
12:01 AM Ryan: can't wait to see you and Avi too
  and Nandini
 me: O
12:02 AM Ryan: ?
 me: Nandini fell asleep on me
12:06 AM Ryan: awww
  it's very comfortable!
12:09 AM :-)
  is that how she is lying now?
 me: Yes
12:10 AM Ryan: awwww
12:23 AM me: Did you know your son got in a fight today?
 Ryan: NO
  with who?
12:24 AM me: Some kid at school
  Over a toy they both wanted
12:25 AM Ryan: wow
  so what happened?
12:26 AM me: Avi's nose was scratched
 Ryan: wow
  how did the other kid look? broken jaw?
 me: There was a written report but I can't find it
12:27 AM Haha
  No idea! It was hard enough to get any info from my parents
12:28 AM Ryan: a written report
12:30 AM me: Yea
 Ryan: oh now
  well..he loves his
  he needs to learn how to share
 me: Ugh
12:31 AM Ryan: did you say anything about it to him?
 me: He does.
  A bit
12:33 AM Ryan: haah
12:37 AM that toy was probably very cool
12:38 AM me: I doubt it
12:44 AM Ryan: huh? I don't know
  I'm interested in hearing more about thts fight
 me: Me too
12:46 AM Ryan: do they have a write-up at the office
  maybe Avi was defending
12:47 AM At that point, he doesn't have to share
  and concede his toy

5 minutes
1:01 AM everyone at work is talking about my stolen cupcakes

1:02 AM me: You should subpoena the flight manifesto
 Ryan: hahhaha
  what did you see?
  yeah...or the black box
  the pilot could have eaten it

1:03 AM Ryan: oh
  I mean..who steals cupcakes from a passenger
 me: You should call the cops on your seatmate
 Ryan: haha..yeah...I should have
  call over the air marshall
1:04 AM me: You screwed the pooch on that one
 Ryan: ah well
 me: Sorry ... made love to the pooch
 Ryan: hahaha
1:05 AM yeah...I guess part of me was mad at myself for buying those cupcakse to begn with
  so...I got what I deserved
  I've decided that it is our goal, in respecting your heritage, to make that Avinash's style as well
1:12 AM me: C'mon!
  Octopus overalls are cool!
 Ryan: and if we need to use kajal and give him a unibrow, then so be it
1:13 AM every day before school, we need to require him to stretch his socks as high up his leg as possible
 me: I was thinking Nandini needs a shiny bowl cut
 Ryan: haha
 me: As soon as she grows hair
1:14 AM Ryan: that sounds perfect....might I also add bushy eyebrows
  and nerdy glasses
  too far?
 me: How about ill fitting pants and no socks?
1:15 AM For avi
  No to the eyebrows
1:17 AM
 Ryan: darn
  okay...fine...ill fitting pants it is
1:18 AM let's just look at Anuj's pictures at age 9 and replicate
1:34 AM Ryan:
1:35 AM can't wait to see you tomorrow!
1:36 AM me: Bye.

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  1. Ha! This is too funny. My favorite line: "How did the other kid look? broken jaw?" :)


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