Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project life.

We just got back from Pennsylvania yesterday and I finally got to sit down and go through my photos from April last night.

April 16 - We flew into Philly late the night before.  We were so excited to see our baby boy again.

Lily! In April! Despite the downpour (and arriving after the cake was cut), we had a great time at Lily's fourth birthday.

April 18 - I turned thirty-scary. Mona didi, Mike and Lily came over for a play date before they went back to California!  We all love hanging out with them.

April 19 - Nandini and Nana.  I love that she gets to bond so much with my parents at home.

April 20 - Our dinner at Per Se.  This is the first course, "oil and vinegar" with green tomato sorbet.  Mmmmm...

April 21 - Picking Avi up from "school."  He is always so happy to come home. 

April 23 - We took Avi to New York for brunch, the Natural History Museum and Shake Shack!  I had a great time and almost wanted to skip the museum and just go somewhere for more food. 

April 24 - Easter!!  We don't really celebrate at all, but we did go to the park and get Nandini dressed up for some pictures.

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  1. What sweet photos! Enjoyed the peek into your life. Sending you smiles from South Africa!


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