Friday, February 1, 2013

DayInTheLife: January 2013

I love the scrapbook ideas that Ali Edwards has.  They are always too fun not to play along with.  Very excited to see the plans for a monthly 'day in the life' this year.  She is including them as Project Life inserts, but I have a thing against inserts so I decided to make another mini album instead.  I think it will be really fun to flip through and see the seasons at a glance and hopefully I can store some memorabilia there as well.

I got off to a late start with my pictures (forgot to charge my camera battery the night before) but I got a healthy number.  It is mostly just Avinash since Nandini and Ryan didn't get home until almost 11. I found a good one from the plane on Ryan's phone in the middle there.

I did some documenting before going to carpool, but the rest of the day was so hectic there really was no time.  Going to try and get it all in the album tomorrow though.  I did give my album a go at naptime.

 Really all I got done was the die cut before it was time to get ready for dance class. I like it, kinda reminds me of those prints you see on pinterest.  Couldn't resist a little hambly love in front too.  Somehow a mini album always needs some Hambly it seems.

Hope to print out the collage and finish this off later today. Would love to see what anyone else is working on for this too!



  1. You're right--minis and Hambly go together like a hand in a glove!

    Are you planning to do an album like this each month? Or will you just continue adding to this one mini throughout the year?

    1. Thanks Denise! Planning on adding a page or two every month. If I skip one or two I'm alright with that.

  2. Oooh, what a fun mini. Great idea! Blessings,

  3. LOVE this idea- that album is going to be so much fun to look through when it's finished!

  4. great pictures! Love that top one especially!


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