Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project Life: MWAH!!

This week: My brother came to visit for the weekend.  I took a fun series of photos of him with the kids.  It is hard to get great photos of them together, so I was happy to get these.  Avi and I also spent most of the week by ourselves since Ryan and Nandini were away.  I already documented a lot for Day in the Life, but didn't mind a few repeats.  These spreads start with the weekend and then finish up around Friday, but I included a photo from brunch the next week since I love splitting instagrams between the vertical pockets.

Page One: I added some text to the top photo.  Nandini will give me the funniest cheee faces or start blowing kisses when she sees the camera.  Love it.  I journaled right on top of the photo of Nandini playing in her doll house. 

Adding a Martha label is an easy way to include more journaling.  The sticker looked a little crooked to me, so I added a strip of green washi and silver numbers to distract.

 I used last month's Studio Calico stamps on this 'Black Sheep' card.  It is Avi's favorite new game, I love it because it reminds me of Agricola.  I added a wooden speech bubble and the game name in black letters.

Page Two: I decided to try another vertical page because I just love that photo of them in the middle.  Ryan took it after we picked them up at the airport.  They were just so excited to play together again. 
I trimmed a Seafoam card so I could slip a zoo photo underneath and used another one to hold some extra journaling.  Love that grey chevron, graphic yet subtle at the same time.
I also added a card to talk about Avi & Ryan reading their first LONG BOOK together.  Used my I love books stamp set.  I remember really regretting buying it, but I have loved using it for Project Life.  I found an old OA sticker that fit perfectly (that is why I hoard stuff, ok?) and added a wooden arrow to add a third circle. 

Avi started dance again.  I flipped a clementine journaling card over and adhered on the photo.  I cut out the phrase from a SC printable.  People have been giving me the strangest looks when I mention that Avi is in dance class.  HE IS FOUR< WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL???  Anyway, that's why I put the phrase there.  I mean look at his feet, he obviously loves it!

I was dying to use my new Mama Elephant stamps and knew this was the perfect picture for it. I tried embossing directly on the photo but it didn't work.  I ended up stamping on vellum and just stapling that down.  A little different but still works. 

I used a little Echo park paper, grey enamel dots, wooden hashtag and stamped letters below this picture.  I was going to title it #OOTD, but I keep laughing at this line from Parks&Rec in my head (Four green lights in a row, hashtag blessed!), so I decided to use that instead.  I'm sure that no one will get the reference down the line, but the blessed part will always ring true. 

Tips: And probably the best technique ever for Project Life.  Cutting a picture of yourself in half at the legs to make yourself look taller. Yeah, I was pretty happy when I realized that.  I almost cut it in half across the middle of my body, would not have been a good look for me.  I've made that mistake in the past and once ended up with my forehead in three different pockets, eeesh.  This trick more than makes up for that. You're welcome
I also included two 'framed' pictures this week.  One of Nandini through the door of her dollhouse and one of Avinash through the keyhole of his dance studio door.  I really like the effect and need to remember to try this more often as well.

 Let me know if you have any questions. Linked up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. The PL kits I am using are the Seafoam kit and Clementine kit, with multi-pack page protectors, and grid journaling cards. Thank you so much to everyone in this wonderful community. I love all the feedback and looking at everything people do each week. It definitely keeps me motivated. Also, please include a link to your projects below so we can check them out too!


  1. Love the tip on cutting photos :) Also love that you spread them over 2 pockets. I rarely have any that would look good cut.

    Also I LOVE that Mama Elephant stamp set but I definitely DO NOT need more stamps right now. I'm trying to actually use what I have.

    I actually finished a spread this week - will post tomorrow.

  2. Wonderful pages, as always!! Love the cutting photos and split them over 2 pockets!

  3. Beautiful pages. I wish Avi could come and join Miss Nearly Three's class as there are no boys at all!

  4. These look great, I love all your different ways of adding text! x

  5. Looking great! Way to go for tackling this project.

  6. Fantastic pages. Looks like a fun visit and I have to agree with you - if the boy enjoys dance class, let him dance!! :)

  7. I'm a ballet teacher- I think it's awesome he's in dance class. No reason he shouldn't be!!! Great layout as usual!

  8. Awesome PL pages and photos, my son takes hip hip and musical theatre and loves it, I think you have to do whatever they are passionate about and not worry what other people think :)

  9. Teehee, had a little chuckle with your tip. I would have to do a lot of cutting, as I am under 5 ft tall, lol.
    Great pages as always :)

  10. Ya know, some football players actually take ballet. It helps with their flexibility and coordination during the game. But as you say, he's only 4, people need to get over it. No one should stop doing what they love because of what others think.
    Love the framed photos, such a fun way to get a candid photo. Also, really like how you cut the photo of yourself. It really does make you legs look longer!

  11. Love your pictures. Great tip on cutting the pictures at the legs!

  12. HI! I have you listed as a blog that would like contribute to my Sat. PL Blog Hop. I am looking for next Sat. Feb 23rd. Can you contact me if you are still interested: or mbostinelos at gmail dot com.



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