Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Avinash loves making cards for everyone we know and is very into holidays so we have been very busy this week.  Love that Valentine's day is all about toddler crafts now, and no longer about awkward bad dates.
I have a huge amount of scrapbooking paper lying around and decided to put it to good use.  I decided to pull out a big paper pack of Amy Tangerine papers from Michaels.  All the fun papers at half the price, and conveniently one sided.  Plus there are like three of each design so I have no excuse to hoard the stuff!

I don't care for wonky hearts, so I folded the paper into the middle twice, then traced around half a heart outline (with a little help!), and cut it out.  Voila! Perfectly symmetrical hearts.  Write on the plain side in white crayon whatever message you want. 

 Then just let them go crazy with watercolors.  The message appears like magic.  Avi loved that part. Nandini very excitedly pointed out E! and O! at random letters then smugded everything with an eraser. 


And, just for fun I made a few more for a garland.  I can't resist making a garland and would probably make a lot more but I have no where left to hang them.  I cut out a few more and drew on the patterned side, then painted over in red. 

I picked out a few ribbons from my huge stash and pinned the hearts on with some fun glitter clothespins (not hand made, but from Crate Paper). 

After they de-coded there own Valentine's messages I let Avinash make some for his friends.  He even picked out the paper, and after very careful deliberation settled on the camera paper and the flower paper.  He was not impressed by chevron.  I helped him spell out people's names and he carefully wrote them down in white crayon.  Nandini was busy scribbling on hers and tearing the paper off her crayon.  She was so excited to help.  Avinash could barely stop himself from painting all over the cards for his friends, so I let him color the patterned side.  All of which look decidedly brownish-gray now.  True toddler art for sure!

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  1. This is such a fun idea, I bet they had a ball making them.

  2. aawww this is so sweet. Love seeing crafts made with kids. They all came out so awesome!!

    Read your other posts too, great job on another week of PL and LOVE LOVE your layouts. Hooray for your brother visiting. I am always happy after reading your beatutiful blog. Have a great day and Happy Valentines to you and your family!

  3. I meant to add - I love how you let your children get messy! ;)

  4. Very cute idea for the kids and it turned out great!

  5. What a great project. My girls have off school Friday that my be a perfect project to keep them out of trouble.

  6. Very cute! can't wait till E is old enough to do projects together:)

  7. Cute! We also made cards like this for Valentine's Day. So fun!


  8. Awww this is such a very clever idea! I am thinking if it will work on some longer Valentines day greetings in that strategy. Thanks for sharing the "secret" :)

    Anne Walker


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