Saturday, February 2, 2013

One Day Mini Album

So, I decided to start a year-long mini album to play along with Day in the Life. 

 I finished up this month's entry in one naptime (that is an official unit of time, right?), including all the journaling. It is three pages with two flip open pages. 

I highlighted one photo and printed the rest as 2 in squares on 3 separate 4x6 papers.  I used a single piece of cardstock for all the pages.   I added a strip of glitter ribbon to the photos and a chevron sticker to the journaling (from my anthro stash). 

I just used washi to attach the photos together at the edge that sticks out of the page protector.

 Nothing too elaborate here since I filled the whole page up with journaling.  I took my leftover 6x12 piece of cardstock, creased it in the middle and did a little hand stitching around it.  I put a little ribbon tab on it to remind me to open it later!

I hope to keep this up every month.  I love to play with mini albums and think this will be a fun project, plus a little different from PL since it is more about the observations than the technique as such.  I think it will be fun to put together a mini album one piece of cardstock and one day at a time.




  1. what a great idea for a mini! Love it!!!

  2. You are so creative and fun, what a cute mini this will be. I love the collages, always a favorite. Great job on the writing, so nice for your kids to see when they are older. WOW, that's great you used only one piece of cardstock for all this, WAY TO GO!! I think this is a perfect variety from PL, will be nice for the kids to hold this and look thru. Looking forward to seeing the rest as they happen.

  3. This is going to be a great book to look back on at the end of the year. And...yes. A nap is an official unit of time in my opinion (as the mother of an almost 1 year old)!!!

  4. I love your mini albums and this is so great to do one each month, it will be great to look back on next year.

  5. what a fabulous mini, i love this idea

  6. It's lovely to see more of your mini. It's a nice snapshot of the "here and now" of your life. It seems like a much more manageable album than full-on project life--just a little something for fun. I love that you included so much journaling. I think that as time passes it will be fun for you and your family to look back and enjoy both the pictures and words.

  7. Lovely! The idea of a year-long mini is great. I really love the cardstock texture behind the photos!

    P.S. Nap time is a unit of time for me, too.

  8. I totally love the idea of making a year-long mini! This is so fun and such great documentation.

  9. Such a good idea. That would take me days to do!

  10. Love that you personalized with ribbon and such. Sometimes flat albums can be so boring and you creatively thought of a way to make it fun!


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