Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our patio garden.

Determined to take it slow today because of all the activity&excitement later in the week. 

So no outings, just straight home after school.  We did head outside to play on the patio for a while though. I love that they both help me with our plants.  I kept refilling their little watering cans, at least before they started painting themselves with chalk.  Why is is body art always so appealing?

We already have a few tomato flowers blooming.  And one tiny little green tomato that I fear may never ripen.  All of the plants are starting to wilt and I think I may need to start over.  I tried putting coffee grounds in the pot, but I think that made things worse. 

I have a huge pot, from a lemon tree that didn't make it, now full of basil, purple basil, and cilantro.  My cilantro was very weak last year, hoping to keep it alive this year and save myself $.50 a week at the grocery store.

 An errant acorn trying to become a tree. Avi and I track it's progress together.

Bougainvillea, jasmine and our lipstick flowers in the background.  I so love when the jasmine starts flowering, one of my favorite scents in the world (I wore them in my hair at our wedding).

We have a ton of seedlings all over the place too.  Just hoping I'll be able to figure out what is edible and what is not in a few weeks time.

Then, this happened.  I blame Jill Sprott.  I used a brick of cream cheese and made at least a dozen peppers.  I made them vegetarian and used a bit of panko to get a crispy top.  They were deemed to spicy by the rest of my family and I may have eaten almost the entire tray.  And that is the story of why I will have  a double chin in every picture taken this weekend.

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  1. Haha..cant blame you for eating so much..they look very very tempting!

  2. Beautiful garden!! And, I think I would have eaten the whole pan too!!

  3. Some lovely colours and great photos, loved the deep pink flowers. katie x

  4. excited to see another patio gardener! hope your tomatoes make it! ours aren't even an inch tall yet, but i'm planning to buy some larger ones next week at the high school's ffa plant sale.

  5. Oh you make me long for summer and homegrown tomato salad... I really cannot wait! Thank you for joining in my linky and so I can find you! lou x

  6. You have a lovely little garden! I can almost smell the basil in your photo, it's my personal favorite. Thanks for taking us for a walk :) Erika


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