Saturday, March 30, 2013

Play Holi Everyday

Holi is definitely a favorite holiday in our family. 

 Avinash and Nandini and I played a little yesterday with the leftover color powder outside on our patio.

Ryan said, you can just see the joy in his face whenever we play.  How could I say no to playing again two days after real Holi?

We played again as a family on Wednesday.  I tried to surprise everybody at first by telling them, Don't come out on the patio!

Can you believe they actually listened?  When does that happen?

 Nandini was not a fan of the tub bath outside afterwards.

And of course, we continued the tradition of playing Holi at Nandini's birthday part last Saturday.

These kids were unbelievably excited to play. So thankful to all the parents and friends who overlooked the mess and let them have fun together.  

Messes are temporary, but the memories are not.

Why play Holi once when you can play everyday?


  1. Wow, this looks like so much fun! Fantastic photos too! x

  2. This looks like fun.
    I am sure the little ones have a blast.
    Great photos

  3. Oh wow - looks like so much fun. Great pics!

  4. So fun! What a fantastic birthday!! We did the color run last year and before the run we discovered that Holi actually fell on my birthday, so we bought extra packets of color at the run. It poured on my birthday, and we never got to use it. :o/ So we just saved it for this year's run. I might end up having to buy extra packets again and save them for a pretty day.

  5. We had so much at Nandini's party that year! Miss you guys!


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