Monday, March 4, 2013

PROJECT LIFE: Picnics and Purim

Still taking pictures and telling little stories. Still loving this project. Still a week behind (which is just how I like it).

This week: Ryan was out of town again for a few days. We had a few playdates, one to the zoo and one at home.  Avi celebrated Purim at school. We spent a very fun Sunday in the park on the pretense of feeding the ducks.

 Page one: I used quite a few SC printables here and only one Seafoam core kit card.  Need to print out a second batch soon.  From there I just added in a few embellishments that I had waiting for me in my raskog. 
This beautiful little ticket is from blinks of life.  There was no real story to go with the photo so I just quickly jotted some recent playtime activities that came to mind. 

I really love this watercolor Hello card from SC. I used the veneer chevron as a guide for my paper piercer, then used a back stitch with solid blue twine.  I admit the pocket was a bit of a tight squeeze, but I  made it work.  

The grey is a little card I cut from some ILS paper (via Freckled Fawn). I love that adventure stamp from KP.   I added the hearts with the pixlr-omatic app on my phone.

 I used some gold Archival ink on the photo, but I'm not super jazzed with how it turned out.  I may try to layer it with yellow in future.

Kinda corny, but I made bubble trails with some MME enamel dots.  The black letter stickers are basic grey. The all smiles card is also from SC. I layered a little washi under the photo and added a MS/Avery sticker to it.

 Page two: I love that Happy Day bubble from Creative Bubble.  Thinking I could also cut up the pieces and use them as embellishments as well. The chalkboard print was a free download from here. Looking at this side again, I could have picked a more colorful card here because the digital stamp is in white as well.

I trimmed a journaling card to embellish this photo. And, yes, I finally broke down and bought a tiny attacher.  It is not as powerful as my regular stapler, but the little staples sure do look cute.  

I added text to this photo (font is dotness) in yellow.  I was playing around with some new wood veneer shapes and just glued them down in the corners.  I like how it keeps the focus on her tongue sticking out, ha!

 Let me know if you have any questions. Linked up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. The PL kits I am using are the Seafoam kit and Clementine kit, with multi-pack page protectors, and grid journaling cards. Thank you so much to everyone in this wonderful community. I love all the feedback and looking at everything people do each week. It definitely keeps me motivated. Also, please include a link to your projects below so we can check them out too!


  1. Absolutely love your pages and i love how you add the stamps and text to your photos. i'm still working on learning how to do that. And how cute are your children!!

  2. I love your PL pages! I like the stamping and the stitched chevron...clever. I especially like the photos and memories captured. :)

  3. Hello!!! I've missed reading your blog, so many cute cute things to love here. The polka-dots on the photo is soooo fun and cute! I love the way you do each pocket with such love and fun. I'm finally getting the hang of my new PL style and like it. Saw the Valentine pages below and WOW THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! I love what you did and how sweet to have a little friend party. I actually had a Valentine bday party for my daughter when she was 11, they had so much fun.
    Saw your layouts too and LOVE THEM TOO!! Keep up the good work and enjoying those sweet babies of yours. Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. soooo jealous of your weather, we are still cold/snow here. Patiently waiting for spring to arrive, lol.

  4. Love your pages! I like how you included all the close-up pics here for us to see details. Great job!

  5. I love that watercolor card too:)

  6. Your pages are awesome! I love all the little bits! And I LOVE the way you covered with a tag for privacy - I always blur mine in photoshop, but I feel like the blurring distracts from the pages I'm trying to share - I'll have to remember to cover them with a blank design card next time. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great PL pages, love all the little details :)

  8. I love your pages. I have those wooden chevrons and haven't found a way to use them yet. love how you added the twine to them.


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