Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Plans

I made a summer bucket list last year and included it in my project life album.  We didn't get to everything on the list, like doing all the crafts in my old "World of Littles" craft book so I may put that back on the list this year.  We did get to reading 30 new books, taking nature walks and visiting friends.  

This year we have so many new things to explore around Austin.  

The Lady Bird Wildflower Center, just around the corner from our house.  They have free evening events for kids too.  

The Austin farmer's market on Saturdays.  The produce here really is incredible, better than whole foods and Central Market too.   This also means cooking with more fresh vegetables too.  I am totally going to make a ton of caprese salads this summer.

 Sea World!  It is an hour away, but the kids have so much fun here and I love it to.  Definitely worth the trip a few times.

I want to paint our way through the large roll of paper I bought at Ikea.  It keeps them occupied for quite a while and I enjoy it too.

Other things on the list: 

our neighborhood pool (and getting over his fear of waist-high water)

summer camp at Zilker Park for Avinash (and some fun Mommy Baby time for me and Nandini)

going to visit my parent

outdoor  concerts

checking out the food truck and restaurant scene, eating on patios (we're outdoorsy like that)

What summer plans do you have? Anyone know any great spots around Austin they'd like to share :)

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