Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Choosing Paint Colors.

So funny to read this post by the Nester on choosing the perfect paint color.  Which is mostly a post about just choosing something and going for it. 

We are finally moving out of our rental and into a house. Most of the walls are currently muddy brown and green.  The rec room is a very aggressive dark purple.  So, before we move in we decided to paint.

Now, all I have to do is narrow down the 5 million paint colors at Home Depot to what we need.   So, naturally, I turned to the only place that could overwhelm me more: the internet.

I had been looking at this pin from Martha Stewart for a long time and it seemed like a great jumping off point.

I do really like this palette all together, but individually I wasn't sure if the colors worked for me.  I even bought a few samples and tried them out.  I was still wracked with indecision.  Back to pinterest I went.  

Our first thought had been plain white walls for the living room and kitchen at least.  But the rest of the house is painted mud or beige.  So, I started thinking what about a nice grey?  I keep seeing people talk about "revere pewter" from Benjamin Moore as the ultimate neutral.
 Our furniture is dark brown and our rug is grey and blue, so I think it could work well.  Typing up this post is actually convincing me we can stray from white for the living room.

I kept on looking at Benjamin Moore paint colors after this.  I know I don't have to go with the exact brand, since most places color match, but it was a good jumping off point.  There are a lot of great blues out there, but I really liked this pin. I think this blue is striking without being too much.  I'm thinking this plus white for our dining room.

Then a whole section on yellow rooms at Martha Stewart caught my eye.  Ryan informs me that it is pretty retro.  I actually tried to paint our first apartment yellow and ended up painting over the whole thing in pink, which shockingly worked way better.  Should I dare to try it again?  This color (from this pin ) seems pretty soft.  Our bedroom rug is white, blue, yellow and green.  Our duvet is also yellow and blue.  I don't know, it may be too subtle??

The kids room I think we will leave as is for now.  I can always add an accent wall later which isn't too hard to do.  The play room has to be repainted but I think I may stick with white in there.  The toys and everything else will make the place pretty busy anyway.  Plus, I just saw this gorgeous wall hanging on sale at Anthropologie.  I should never browse their sale section.  Like, ever. 

Ultimately I just have to do what the Nester suggests and just. pick. something. I am going to get started this week and will be sure to update our progress as we go.  Any and all tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


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