Friday, May 23, 2014

Ballet Austin

Avinash took ballet classes again this year.  Last year he took classes in Houston and they had a big recital for all the kids at the end of year.  Avinash got a standing ovation for his performance (and for being the only boy on stage too probably).  We were so moved by this.  I know that some people feel weird about having their boys take dance classes but we have never had anything but love and support from the different studios we have been to.  I'm not too proud  to tell someone that he is taking ballet to help with his sports footwork, but I haven't really needed to. 

The ballet school year ended this past week and his teacher very strongly encouraged us to bring him back next year.  His classes are at a real ballet studio so even though they get to audition for the Nutcracker in a couple years, there is no kids recital at the end of year.  We did get to sit in the studio and watch.  Ryan came along and all four of us saw Avinash dance. 

Lakshman was totally amazed by the wall to wall mirrors.

Hey guys, did you even know this kind of technology existed?!

Avinash, we are so proud of you!


  1. Very cool. Way to go. I really think it is useful for the boys to get exposed to every type of activity. They can later choose what they want to do. I loved seeing the photos.


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