Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pin to Page: You're a Good Egg Layout

Welcome to the another installment of from Pin to Page on my blog.  I intended to make this a regular feature on my blog, so get ready for the third post in only eight months.  I know, I'm like a machine.

Seriously though, I do spend way too much time browsing Pinterest and shockingly little time doing anything at all with said pins.

I keep looking at this pin.  So I decided to do something with it.  I love the idea of decorating wooden eggs, but my god, have you seen the cost?  No way I am paying $5 per egg.  Playing with paper it is!

This is what I did with it.  I got my Studio Calico kit super early this month so I pulled all of my papers and elements from that.  I choose a neutral background patterned paper but added a little more depth to it with watercolor.  Then I couldn't stop myself and I watercolored the other patterned paper I used here.  For the eggs I used a mix of patterned paper, washi tape, watercolor, colored vellum and stamps. 

I wanted to share the cut file I made with you as well.  If you like it, I'd love it if you would share it with your friends on pinterest, twitter, etc. 
Download the free cutting file here.

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  1. I think Pinterest has actually made me less creative somehow. I spend forever looking and pinning and zero time actually doing. I love the idea of this series. I think ideally I would do a project a week...not EVER going to happen though :o)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the eggs. Totally going to have to play around with those this week.

  2. visiting via SITSsharefest! thanks for the Easter inspiration !

  3. Great page and idea!! I love how people get inspired to make a scrapbook page from seeing something non-scrapbook... I haven't tried it, but I'd like to make a scrapbook page based off a color scheme or something.

  4. Your layout is very fun and adorable! Thanks for the file.


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