Monday, February 1, 2016

Family Days

Lakshman is one for one more day and we are soaking it up.  

This weekend we headed outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather here.  Saturday was one of those days where the weather is so perfect that you feel happy all over.  It is one of those feelings that make you feel joy and sadness at the same time.  Because on the one hand you feel so good but on the other hand you know it is all fleeting.  My friend Donna described the perfect consume like that but I think the feeling applies to a lot of things.  

Like, my baby not being a baby anymore.  He is learning to talk and I love the process.  But soon he will be pronouncing things correctly and just not as cute anymore.  Lol.  

He is learning at least a word a day right now.  He loves to run and jump.  His standing jumps and flying leaps are pretty impressive. 

He loves his Nana and Nani coming to visit him.  When they walked in the house his face filled with disbelief, like he couldn't believe that they were really here. (Away from all that snow!)

He loves his brother and sister so much.  He showers Nandini with hugs and kisses everytime she gets home from school.  

We took a little hike around Mayfield Park here in Austin.  It pretty magical there.  The grounds are filled with peacocks.  Because we haven't had a freeze here this year the trees and plants haven't lost their green yet.

 He's out to discover!

You turn two tomorrow and we can't wait for that big adventure! 

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  1. Happy Birthday!! We have 4 short months left till our little guy turns two. They grow up so quickly. I think the third grows up faster than the others....maybe because he might be the last?
    Lakshman seems like such a special boy. I hope his day was wonderful.


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