Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week in the Life 2014| Tuesday Photos + Album pages

 Here are my Monday pages so far. I have six photos printed but may add in some more.

 A little flip up page with journaling inside.

Tuesday Photos + Words

 Telling us all about her favorite colors and making bread at school.  She couldn't wait for us to try it.

A little coloring together after kindergarten. For a brief moment they even shared colors. 

Coffee (with butterscotch) in the morning.  Butterbeer in the evening. 

The story of today is definitely the Thriller Flash Mob.  I brought out my old facepainting kit to do zombie make up for the girls. 


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  2. I enjoy following your week in life. Though I am not doing this for fear of not finishing the album, I still am taking pics and keeping a journal of the day. I love your 4x4 album which is so cute. Do you document all the events of the day or only highlight particular stories everyday?

  3. Love the idea of the flip up page. Your photos are great.

  4. Yay for Thriller :) I am not brave enough to do it in public, only at my workout class.


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