Friday, October 31, 2014

Week in the Life | Friday Photos + Pages

Friday | Photos + Words

Today was so much fun............. and craziness, and costumes, and being stuck in traffic, and getting our cart shoved out of the way by manic people at Target, and more costumes, and more traffic, and candy, and very little actual food, and lots of forced photo sessions by mama.  Still, now that I sit back and bask in the glow of my computer while Nandini not so quietly sings to herself in bed and the boys sleep I can say that today really was a great day. 


 Second breakfast, that was more like elevensies really.

 First forced photo shoot of the day.  Not pictured is the forced bath time which I was only about 2/3 successful in.

 No school but we did have a school play date.  This is what I got when I asked them to smile.  The unposed photos are a giant blur. Of course.

 Mini photo shoot for Paddington with his little suit case and hat.

 He has his own pumpkin candy basket too. I bought last year on clearance while he was still in utero, I just can't find it anymore.

 No one else is looking and my knees are so ashy but I am in the picture finally.

 So many houses equals

 so much candy

and a bear shouting "EAT".  Then his parents stole all his halloween candy. The end. Ha!

Wednesday | Album Pages

If you are following along with week in the life, you may be wondering, what happened to Thursday.  Well, Thursday took a miss and went straight on into Friday.  I do intend to do the pages now but really don't see the point in going back to blog about the pictures.  Not that you really care I'm sure.

 Pages is like these is why I love this project so much.  Would I ever normally get this picture? Doubtful.  How long does the cheerio phase last?  About half a blink and an eternity in sweeping time.

 A few cork stars and more black and white stamping.

 I cut up one gold transparency and used it on the inside pages here.

Hope you had a great holiday tonight and an awesome weekend ahead!  Will be back with more tomorrow. :)

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  1. Your album looks awesome; those 4 x 4s are so cute. Your kids looked adorable in their costumes and you looked beautiful! It must be so challenging to have extra things like Halloween going on with three little ones. I'm glad it was at least on a weekend night for the first time in ages, it helped me to be more laidback about all the candy eaten and the late bedtime at our house. ~ Laura


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