Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And, Now We Are Six

He came running down the stairs and into my room yesterday, bursting to tell me the news.  "Mommy you know what day it is? My last day of being five! And, you know what you're gonna do tomorrow, bring me breakfast in bed."  The suggestion more of a demand than a question really.  I guess I am I thought. 

We already celebrated with a surprise trip to Disney World.  His party is a few weeks away.  Today we just celebrated as a family.  Dinner and mini golf. Two of his favorite things.  We listened to Harry Potter on the way home, his current favorite book series. 

Like everything these days his birthday has arrived out of nowhere.  Six just feels so big.  He missed the cut off for kindergarten last year by a few weeks so I don't have to worry about him being in the big school just yet.  First grade is a whole year away.  Still, six is undeniably big.

I told him I can't remember a time without him.  "Me either" he replied in earnest.  Ha.

He has an undeniable confidence about him.  I never remember him not having that.  There is nothing he shies away from.  Except maybe dogs, after an attack at the age of two still ingrained in his memory.  He loves his family and God fiercely.  He is a good friend and empathetic.  He has so much joy inside his heart that it spreads to all of us.  He is smart and makes us proud. 

And, now he is six




and, now, years.
But now I am six. And I'm clever as clever. And now I think I'll stay six now forever and ever.
-A.A. Milne

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  1. What a sweet post. I love the collection of pictures. I love how excited kids get to grow up, but I have to admit a little heart break every time I'm reminded of it.


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