Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week in the Life 2014| Wednesday Photos & Album Progress

Wednesday | Photos + Words

Rushed morning getting ready for school. Giving Cheerios to the baby for breakfast. Then a little playtime before a short nap.  Pickup Nandini from school and meet some friends for lunch. Back to school to get Avinash and his friend. Run all five kids around to get gas and a butter beer little from Starbucks. And a few ring pops and donuts for the kids. They played at home for a bit with her new hello kitty Ferris wheel. Then turn around and drive to ballet class. No more complaints from the teacher about Avinash's laces this week.  One compliment maybe? Nandini wrote out our names while we waited. Lakshman toddled around a bit.  Some of the kids played statues in the park after class and he kept trying to crawl over to join in. We drove home and made cards for Ryan's birthday. We went out again for some birthday shopping and dinner. The kids ran around smelling every candle and perfume. Then, basically collapse at home. 

Tuesday Album Pages

I love these little flip up pages. Black and white stamping. A bit of washi and lots of writing. Feeling unusually happy with my handwriting. Mini albums are so much fun.

Are you doing Week in the Life? How is the progress coming? Please feel free to share your links here for me to check out too! 


  1. I love that you're making the album as you go! I just can't do it :) I also love that you're using those tiny albums. I have two gold ones waiting for me to put in the photos from the Phone Photography Project in 2013 (hah!) and for me to finish #100happydays when I'm done with WITL.


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