Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week in the Life | Thursday & Friday Pages

These are the last two days of my Week in the Life 2015 album that I need to share.  My Friday story and Thursday words are here if you want to get more of the story.

Notice how the opening photo is still dark.  That was a long night.  

I do tend to take these phrases and sayings quite literally.  How we roll, indeed. 

I'm so glad I told that long story about Nandini and roller skating here.  Though when we went back a few months later it was back to square one again with her.

 Very photo heavy, but I staggered the color and black and white pictures.
Patterned paper and some stamped + watercolored flowers together. I like having a little variety in my page tabs. 

 I was so nervous about his new school then.  I'm still adjusting but at least I know it better now.

 I trimmed a 4x4 square page in half for this little series of cute photos.

Lots of black and white in here.  Simple and beautiful.  Yes.

My previous week in the life posts are here. See my completed Week in the Life album from 2014 and 2013 here.


  1. Love! Your pictures are so amazing! I love your perspective! You capture their faces and expressions so well, too. It makes me long for mine to be that age and wish I documented as much as you are at that age! Your books are treasures. Hope you are doing well!


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