Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week In the Life | Finished Album.

This little album was such a joy to create.  I love that I have so many little moments and things to be grateful for documented.  Without making this there is no way I would have all these things recorded.  I never filled out timelines of our day but I did snap a ton of extra pictures and record lots of little conversations we had.  Writing down the things they say is one of my favorite things to do. 

I put many of these onto a single page instead of a large photo for Sunday.  This page is so close to my heart.  It is partially specific conversations and part common phrases said over and over.

This page is about as collagey as I get.  I started with a very pretty ombre paper from last month's JBS kit and layered lots of different ledger and notebook papers.  (I love my stationery stash so.)  Then I just started adding words and tucked in embellishments here and there. 

I painted two Cut&Paste wood veneer pieces to match the paper. I used chalk ink for this.  Was simple and not at all messy. I also added a lot of N's and A's around the page to signal who was speaking.  I used cork circles and gold arrows to give the page more continuity with the rest of my album.

 Love this die cut Love banner and gold scrabble tile from Crate's Flea Market.

 My final page is just a smattering of random photos and sayings.  A little note about how I felt about this project finished things off.

Week in the Life | Overview

I managed to find quite a bit of continuity for this album. Overall themes were aqua and neutrals, cork and puffy stickers.  Cameras and wood veneers.  Kraft die cuts and JBS chipboard hearts. Enlarged photos and simple stamping.

The album I used was a Martha Stewart 8.5x11 size from Staples.  I used WRMK page protectors which are just slightly larger than baseball card size and easier to work with.  This size was fast and easy to fill in. I could easily cut down regular PL cards which I have an abundant supply of to use here.  

I also included lists each day of different life details.  Here is what I included: animals, books, meals, happy thoughts (counting my blessings), songs, good behavior moments (so easy to forget otherwise) and games we played.

You can read all of my week in the life posts here.  My two major inspirations were Ali Edwards and my friend Leanne who scraps with me all the time.  I admit I got the 8.5x11 idea completely from her. Thanks for the idea and for taking me out to crop!


  1. I love this! I'm quite a bit behind on PL and need to figure out what to do about WiTL - I have those photo collages I made for my blog, but don't have a TON of documentation like you do - it just started to feel too tedious.

    Love all the details, the color, and the collage page.

  2. That looks so cool! I've scrapbooked with my mom or aunts at different times over the last 15 years and it's fun to see how the styles in scrapbooking change--this most recent, more collage-y style is my favorite look yet! It's a great way to keep memories alive!

  3. Your collage looks absolutely stunning! Love it!

  4. Your collage looks absolutely stunning! Love it!

  5. love it all. you are so creative. great job !

  6. love your collage page with all the writing and layered bits and pieces!!! Looks like a wonderful little album! :) Evie

  7. I too love the collage page. It turned out wonderfully! I am going to have to go back and look at the rest of your album.

  8. Wow, that collaged journaling page is fantastic! I love that you made it a PL style album. Now I'll have to go see how you do PL...

  9. Gasp!!! This is seriously so beautiful! Marking this so I can come back and look at all the details again :)

  10. I think this is my favorite WIL album I've seen so far. You've added so many wonderful things. I love the lists you included.

  11. Wow, this is a lot of work and totally well worth it.

  12. Wonderful! I love the aqua so much and all your hand writing. Just love getting glimpses of your adorable family!


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