Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Week in the Life | Tuesday Photos & Words 2017

7:45 | Avinash was so excited about my birthday.  He had been staying with my parents the past few days but decided to come home a night early so he could be here for my birthday. 

They even made me breakfast in bed.  I sort of didn't want to eat in bed but it was really delicious.  I gave Avinash half my sandwhich.

7:59 | The kids are out the door and Lakshman is already getting toys out to play with.  His net ripped and I figured out how to fix it.  The best part is hearing him sing the "I feel better" song afterwards.  Mission accomplished! 

8:13 | "Mommy! Don't get in your seat, this is my seat!"  His joy and humour is infectious. 

On the way to school we stop at Starbucks first.  I get a flat white with real brown sugar on top.  Lakshman has a chocolate chip cookie and juice. 

9:30 | We arrive at school a little late.  He is playing taking animals to the doctor with his friends. He ate animal crackers at snack.  So thankful he is trying snack again and not rejecting it anymore.  He played with the tools outside to fix a car.  He got a bonk on his head and sang Old McDonald with Natalie.  He liked singing about the pigs. 

12:04 | He told his teacher that he went to my party this weekend.  Olga brought me cupcakes at school.  Chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  My favorite flavor from when I was a kid, I can't believe she remembered! 

Lunch at Nani's house.  He had toast and cashews.  I had aloo tikki chaat and a sandwhich made by Anuj.  The best. 

After school and I find Avinash bouncing into the car with his old astronaut helmet on.  We went to Natural Gardner to take a walk.  Nandini really wanted to do the maze but we went all over looking at flowers too. 

We listen to a few Moana songs in the car.  Avi tells me how his butterfly was the first to hatch and it is getting ready to fly.  Nandini tells me that her chicks are ready to hatch too because it has been 20 days and they need only 21 days to hatch.  The kids try to plan how we should get chicks of our own since she is learning how to take care of them.

My succulent babies are doing well! I am lucky that I found the best spot for them.

Birthday Rainbow!

Birthday Dinner!

Birthday cocktail!

We got home in time to have cupcakes with the kids.  Lakshman wanted me to get an animal cake with a monkey on it. Ryan was supposed to bring it home.

Nandini did lots of work books with Nani while we were gone.

Light sabers and dark saver battles.

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