Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wednesday | Week in the Life 2017

Wednesday was so different from Tuesday.  It felt easier and less busy, but 

7:49 am | Up again.  Avinash first and he wakes up Nandini and brings her down. He wants to watch TV and wake up Lakshman.  I tell him no to both but he wakes up Lakshman anyway.  It could be worse, I get to snuggle with all of them before getting out of bed.  I start to feed Lakshman cereal and type up yesterday's blog post while he eats. 

9:16 | Drive! Drive! Him pretending to drive the car is becoming a habit. We are on our way into town for coffee and a croissant with Ryan.  I have to promise him that he can watch Puppy Pals when we get there.  It motivates him for sure. 

9:51 | I get a croissant warmed up with butter and jelly, scrambled eggs with cheese and a latte with a sprinkling of white sugar on top.  Ryan gets the exact same thing. Again.  Lakshman has a warmed up chocolate chip cookie and gets to watch Puppy Pals while he eats.

10:29 | Undersea water! I wanna go in! 
He climbed up the wall over and over again, but of course I couldn't let him go in.  We had a few minutes after we finished eating before we needed to get him to therapy so I decided we could walk around and explore the area a bit.  We saw some city workers using a digger and he wanted to get in it so badly.  I let him take a picture in front of it.  We saw a little truck for Nice Kicks and he climbed on that. There were so many good photo spots and murals to take pictures in front of.  Including two cutely fresh teddy bears outside of Lo-Fi. 

 11:03 | We get to therapy with plenty of time to spare.  He really wanted me to stay and watch him play with toys but I told him I needed to get work done.  He was super happy when he saw Brooke.  This is his last session with her for six weeks. He is getting a lot of good exposure to new textures with her and his gag response is getting better.  It just takes time and a lot of exposure.  He had his last speech session with Elizabeth today too.  He gets a new therapist next week.  He has made so much progress with her and she will be sorely missed!  She told me that he is a bright spot in her day.  "He's a joy, I mean, you know what you have."  I do!  He is amazing and adorable and awesome and cool.  Here is to learning and having great teachers.

11:54 am | My art.  Loving this 100 day project so much.  I still scrapbook most days but I love the addition of art. 

1:21 pm | "The chicks gonna run around.  The chicks gonna get bigger and be ..... a rooster" One of Nandini's class chicks hatched so we head to school a few minutes early to check them out.  He was a little disappointed that the chick wasn't really running around.  But it was very softly cheeping.  So cute. 


 2:54 | Early dismissal calls for a movie and popcorn.  Nandini wants to watch Roger Rabbit again.  Avinash does not even though he has only seen part of it. She wins because of my childhood nostalgia.

4:39 pm | With all the kids home, Lakshman did not get to nap.  He dumped out Nandini's legos as he reached his breaking point. I have to get them out of the house so we go to Nana's house.  

7:22 | The kids watch a lot of TV.  Lakshman literally collapses on top me and falls asleep.  It is a rare treat to hold him while he sleeps.  When Ryan comes over we finally turn the TV off and Avi actually sits down to read a little.  After we go for a walk around their neighborhood. 

I am doing Week in the Life again this year along with Ali Edwards.  I have done this project for six years running.  

It is basically a mini album that focuses one normal week each year.  
A good combo of photos + words. 

You can see all my previous Week in the Life posts here

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