Sunday, April 23, 2017

Friday & Saturday | Week in the Life 2017

I drove the kids to school because Lakshman wanted Ryan to feed him breakfast.  Waffles and alphabet games.  

He asked me to put his rocketship toy on him so he could blast off.  Jumping off the chair seems a good way to start. 

Pit stop for donuts before our road trip to Houston.  He brings his dinosaur toy along again. 

Pajama day, but we forgot so he brought this stuffed animal that was in the car.  His friends had a lot of fun with it, trying to feed it.  Love this. He wants to act so cynical but he just isn't pulling it off.  

Crash out in the car, surrounded by lovies.

Piano book and workbook coloring the whole.  Avi contents himself with listening to the story.  We almost finish The Secret Keepers.  

 First stop.  BHLDN for dress shopping.  The first one is fine.

Ryan wants chai pie so we go to Pondicheri for lunch.  Pani puri.  Paneer lettuce wraps.  Carrot parantha.  Paneer parantha.  Eggs masala.  Cookies, scones, pie, cake.  Chai. Coffee.  Milk with jaggery.  We don't mess around. 

Avinash was very excited to be back in his birthplace.  He kept saying how nice and fancy everything there is.  He asked about his old friends, Nisha and Avinash.  He remembered Pondicheri too, even though they don't have his old favorite elephant cookie anymore. 

At the entrance asked the museum staff, "I want to see the dinosaurs! I want to show my dinosaur the dinosaurs!"

 We found him!  His eyes lit up so big when we entered the jurassic part of the dinosaur hall.

At the park to meet our very old friend Tasha.  I've known her since she was born and she has known all the kids, even Lakshman since they were born. This is the same park where Avinash had his first birthday party.  So cute to be back here.  Feeling a crazy sense of nostalgia. 

Here we go!!  Prom time.  Except it's more like nerd prom. 

 When your bartender can shake and stir at the same time.

Very classy sketch artist. It was Ryan's idea to get one and I love it actually. 

Saturday.  Lakshman is ready to go on rides since we are at a hotel.  HA. 

The revolving door works. 

We have to get a very early start but we stop for a quick bite at another old favorite. 

Cubscout camp! Guess who loves archery. 

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