Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Home Tour Day | 2015 #idhtbptbb

So happy to be sharing my holiday home with you again this year.  This time of year I always think of Conway Twitty's immortal words, "Santa loves us all the same, now go and spread the word."  I was always get a little choked up when I hear Christmas is For the Birds playing. 

Hello there! 

The kids got a new colorful advent calendar.  I kept eyeing the ones at Land of Nod but this was affordable and available at Target so it came home with us.

Filling it up with different things has been a fun challenge.   I will try to do a full post with some inspiration here soon.

The best day was the first, Yoda Santa.  Also the best day of the month for Avinash probably. 

Lots of little scattered vignettes around the house.  Most of them have evergreen branches tucked in somewhere as well.

These ornaments are a find from H&M.

I made a few Charlie Brown trees too using leftover tree rings.  You can find these all over the place at most tree lots.

I put our Anthropologie crackers in a milk glass bowl.  So random. 

Hello disco lights.  I swear my kitchen has never looked so fabulous.  If you find an old disco ball at Goodwill I highly recommend getting one.  I feel like I need one for every room now.

The key is finding a spot where it will get good sun during a time of day when you are at home.  Otherwise, what's the point?

The rosemary tree died but the gingerbread house is a pretty good centerpiece replacement.  The kids steal and eat candy off it every day.  Can't wait until it's a pile of rubble so I can add a dinosaur to it. 

 I made my own wreath this year.  I trimmed some branches from my boxwood and added some holly berries.  I stripped the leaves off the holly and just used the berries because the leaves dry out really quickly.

It adds so much color.  I used a bare branch wreath form from Michael's.  Pretty cost effective and easy to do.  Easier than a pool noodle because I didn't have to completely cover it.

We have lots of birds and bears on our tree.  I think monochromatic trees are so great but I will never be able to make one happen. Ha. 

We put on two different sizes of lights.  I think it adds a little something.  

Painted animals, pickups with trees and cactus terrariums on the buffet.  It's getting a bit crowded.

My hanging stars garland is still around.   Another very fun foraged DIY.  

I finally got a vintage coke crate at Round Top but I don't know what to do with it.  Filling it up with ever green branches is actually working. 

 I love my smattering of crystals around the house.

Thanks for hanging around my house with me!  May all your days be Merry & Bright! 

You can see my previous home tours here. 


  1. Beautiful photos!! Love that picture of you and the one of Yoda Santa!! And such a cool idea with the disco ball!!!

  2. i love that gathering of trees and candles on the left side of your mantel! merry christmas from a near-by neighbor over at Nester's ...

  3. love love love this walk around your beautifully decorated home! I want that yoda! (and the honeycomb ornaments....must dig out my disco ball and put it somewhere.) You rock! aloha, ;) glee

  4. Love your decorations! (The tree is beautiful, she says wistfully, as she has a small twinge of regret that she didn't put one up this year.) I really like the idea of two sizes of lights on the tree. The tree in the truck is a nice touch. I have a little green truck that needs a tree,so I'll have to keep looking for one. The gingerbread house looks yummy - I'd probably steal off of it too, and not just the candies, but probably the whole side of the house! I enjoyed touring your Christmas home!

  5. Okay, now I need a disco ball! That looks great!

  6. gorgeous home. I love the little touches.


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