Wednesday, July 20, 2011

choices, choices..

To emulate a friend, just a bit about what's been going on lately.

good idea: watching classic cartoons with Avinash
bad idea: getting Avi hooked on my little pony

good idea: checking out no heat hair curling how-to's on pinterest
bad idea: going to work with weird 70's style half-curled hair

good idea: trying to get a picture of the baby laughing
bad idea: doing it one-handed while holding her

good idea: nursing my infant on demand
bad idea: driving home twice a day to do because princess never learned how to take a bottle

good idea: going back to work
bad idea: see above. and below.

good idea: picking up prints from photo store
bad idea: breaking into tears over pictures of the babies on your last maternity leave outing to the museum

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  1. Nirupama, this makes me laugh so hard! The one-handed baby trick is pretty impressive, I must say. :)


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