Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Mozart Bollywood

Nandini intently watching a song from Shree 420.

She usually does not like it when I listen to the radio (especially hip-hop).  When she was just a few weeks old, my Dad decided to test a theory and played some bhajans for her. She was happy as a clam. May have been she just liked being held by her Nana. However, the other day we took her to Delhi Belly (not exactly for kids, but hopefully she won't remember too much) and she sat up in Ryan's lap totally riveted with the movie.  Then the other day I took her to the pediatrician's office for her 4 month old checkup.  Of course we ended up waiting over an hour, so she listened to my *ahem* unique renditions of otherwise popular songs.  (Can I just say, I love how holding a baby makes you look like less of a crazy person for randomly singing in public.  Totally unforseen benefit.  Anyway.)  She actually was really sweet and alert all afternoon, so I thought I would put on some more music for her today. 
Her reaction was so cute that I had to take a quick video and post it.  She was so eagerly watching and kept grabbing for the screen.  It's in her blood, what can I say?

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