Sunday, July 10, 2011

almost four month update

Nandini you are..

blowing bubbles
sleeping with your eyes open (never can be too careful!)

putting weight on your legs when standing  (Anuj thinks you are almost ready to walk! I think you are actually closer to dancing Bharatnatyam.  The other day you totally stamped your feet in a very artistic way.  Tam! Ditam!)

still throwing punches and scratching, but mostly me and less your own face at least

sleeping through the night

into full body stretches   
looking more and more like Daddy??? - it seems like your skin color is lighter now than when you were born, but you were so red/pink then I guess it was hard to tell.
{she's watching Avi run around the kitchen here-a little bit scared maybe?}

Your hair growing in a bit thicker on top, but you have a pretty serious bald spot at the back.

Nandini has also made the most amazing discovery.  It's totally reliable, it's portable and cost-effective.  I mean, why hasn't anyone else thought of this before!  Sucking your thumb! ALL. THE. TIME.  Loudly and with gusto of course. 

We go to the doctor next week and I'm curious to see if your chubby cheeks are as telling as they seem when it is time to get weighed.

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