Saturday, July 9, 2011

In stitches..

Ryan had a business trip in DC for a few days and he took Avinash with him to the east coast.  My parents jumped at the chance to see him, and didn't even mind the 3+ drive to Baltimore to pick him up. 

What were Nandini and I to do while the boys were away?  Why scrapbook of course, ha!  I worked on a new technique (well, new to me) of stitching with emroidery floss or twine on paper.  I used to do cross stitch all the time, but it is weird at first getting used to the paper.  My first few attempts took an inordinate amount of time, but I eventually got the hang of it.
I figured out that I needed to pierce the holes first and then just use a regular needle to sew the thread in place.  I love the depth and dimension it gives to a page.

*Work in Progress*
I finally got my MckMama photos printed.  I really like the way they turned out (though I did go through them to retouch Avi's scar) and wanted to make a special page for it.  I love this, but I'm unsure of what else it needs, if anything at all..

Another MckMama photo.  I didn't personally stitch this tag, it actually came in my studio calico kit.  I was going to save it for something super special, but this picture was definitely worthy!

*baby girl*
I love the grey and yellow color combination, plus it goes so well with pink and kraft too.  The stitched looking border is really a sticker, but I love the embroidered look of it.

 *Pure Magic*
This is my first attempt at scrapping all of our Disney photos.  I did hand stitch this one and loved the way it turned out, even if it is a bit messy.   Avinash loved the fireworks this time and we saw them from so many different places, but we ended up loving the view in Fantasyland, behind the castle.  One night we got the idea to get in line at the Dumbo ride so that we would be on the ride during the fireworks.  It was so cool.  And Avinash loved it, his two favorite things - baby Mmm and 'works!

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