Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Bollywood appreciation take 2

Nandini and I got to spend all afternoon together at her regular checkup.  We listened to this AR Rahman song in the car on the way there and I kept singing it to her while we waited (and waited and waited and waited).  Even after she fell asleep I kept singing this in the waiting room anyway.  I love that about babies.  Free license to sing in public without the awkwardness.  Luckily it worked pretty well to calm her down after her shots too. 

This song is such a hidden gem.  Not very dance-y, just slow yet stirring.  I had to look up the lyrics afterwards and wanted to record them here for her someday. 

do kadam...
Zindagi, haath mila; saath chal, saath me aa;
Umr-bhar saath rahi
Life, take this hand; come, come along with me;
We will walk together forever
{And a gentle synth base guitar lick in the background picks up volume lifting
you up as if you were in a helicopter taking off from earth.}
Do kadam aur, sahi, do kadam aur, sahi II
two more steps, all right, two more steps II
Koi suraj ki dagar, koi sone ka nagar
Chaand ke rath pe chale, jahan tehre yeh nazar
Some sunlit path, some golden city
Walk in the path of the moon, where, this gaze would freezelines.
Dhoop Daryaon mein hain, phir safar paon mein hain
Dil ka awara diya, doosre gaon mein hain
Aaon, chale hum wahin
Do kadam aur, sahi IV
There’s sunlight in the rivers, there’s journey in your legs
This wandering heart’s lamp is in a different village
Come, let us go there
Take two more steps, all right IV
Khwaab dalte hain jahan, dil pighalte hain jahan
Aaon chalte hain wahin, woh zameen door nahin
Dosti hogi wahan, roshni hogi wahan
Us ujaale ke liye, jal chuke laakhon diye
Ek hum aur, sahi
Do kadam aur, sahi IV
Where dreams are fulfilled, where hearts melt
Come, let us go there, that land is not too far
Friendship will be there, light will be there
to light this place, many lamps have been burnt
We might as well be one of them
Two more steps, all right IV
After this narrative, the string section returns with the conga drums, but the
background synth sounds fade out almost to a nightly silence, quite
appropriately setting up the mood for the next verse.
Kisiki awaaz hai? Sun. Yeh naya saaz hai, sun
Koun rehta hain sada? chalke dekhen to zara
Raah viraan, sahi, raath sumsaan, sahi
Har ghadi saath rahe, kitne gham saath sahe
Thor ghum aur, sahi
Do kadam aur, sahi IV
Who’s voice is calling us? Listen. This is a new melody, listen
Who goes on forever? Come, let’s go see
The path is lonely, agreed. The night is silent, agreed.
We have been together all along, we have suffered so much
Just a little more suffering, all right
Two more steps, all right IV

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