Sunday, May 6, 2012

BEYOND Thrilled.

I had another pretty crazy day by myself with the babies.  I was pretty excited about all the online crops for NSD going on today and wanted to participate if I got time (hahahaaha). 

I just got a new silhouette Cameo and was eager to use it on some projects.  Thinking about silhouette designs even kept me up the night after I got it.  I am still figuring things out, but I made these polaroid cards yesterday.

Yes, I do most of my scrapping in the middle of the living room.  I need room to spread out.  Plus, it is kind of thrilling to speed clean it up as soon as nap is over.

This is what happens if I don't:

I took the kids to Tiny Boxwoods for brunch today.  I think we were all starving.  I was trying really hard to hold on to both of them and to hold our place in line.  The people behind me did not disappoint and immediately cut in front of me when I stepped one step to the side to get one of them before running off.  Then, the guy said to me, 'Oh I thought you were with them.' and pointed to the only other Asian people in the line.  Whaaaa???  Yeah, I'm with them.  Why wouldn't I be?  Then, after Avinash set our table number down on the last free table inside, his group swarmed the table and one of them came over and asked me "Do you really need your table? I didn't even see your number on it."  Oh no, why would I need a and my children just eat off the floor.  How do you know it is my table if you don't see a number on it.  Argh. 
Of course I could think of nothing to say at the time and just stammered and stared.  This has been bugging me all day.  Don't even get me started on the random lady who brought over dirty dishes to our table while we were still sitting and eating. 

The day alternated good and bad after that.  Just Avinash being three and me being the mom who has lost all patience when she has no good excuse for it. 

When I was laying down with Avinash while he fought sleep I couldn't stop thinking about brunch.  I prayed that I could take my mind off it. 

God is good.

After he fell asleep I quick checked my email, and learned that I am the newest Design Team at Beyond Grey.  I am really honored and excited for my first assignment.

And, I did actually get some scrapping done today but haven't posted anything anywhere yet. 

I feel awful about this picture because it is so grainy.  I took it just as the light was leaving and was also battling Avinash to keep the overhead living room lights turned off at the same time.  It was like, flick the switch, run to sunny spot, cliii [Avinash turns the lights back on] iiick.  And repeat.

This is a kitchen sink layout for me.  Twine twirling, punches, overlays, patterned paper, chevrons, amatuer paper piecing,
watercoloring with mists,
and a silhouette reverse cut title propped up with pop dots.

We also went to the Cinco de Mayo party at Bodega's near by.  They had a ball in the bouncy house.  They even hugged without crying.

Nandini made friends with a seven year old girl who tried everything to get her to laugh.  (No laugh but lots of stunned adoration.)  Then, Avinash and I fought all the way home about how I didn't put his shoes on fast enough.  Or something like that. 

Also I lost five pounds in sweat, and am about to gain it all back in leftover cookies.  How was your NSD?


  1. Oh Lovely! I can't wait September I will be getting one for my birthday! :)

  2. AMAZING work, as always! CONGRATS on your new DT position - that is so super exciting!!!!

  3. I love your layout! Very cute! Congrats on the DT position and the brand new cameo! Lol..I don't know how ou scrap so much with 2 kids..I am pulling my hair with one:) I don't know about scrapping..but I am totally cool with the playdate! We can do it sometime next week maybe?? My sister is in town for three days this weekend...let's plan something! Where do you live exactly? I live on I10 and Barker Cypress...Katy email is viji dot lg at gmail dot com...better than chatting in comments:)


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