Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Day/First Day

First Day

Last Day

He starts swimming lessons on Monday and then they will go to Pennsylvania while we go to Aruba for my best friend's wedding.  Then, thinking about summer camp for him and maybe gymnastics for Nandini.  Need to get those legs moving, she still can't walk yet!!

It is getting harder to get a natural smile from him in pictures.  I let Nisha and him use my camera and I think they got better shots than me.

I tried to sit Nandini down for a picture with them too.

And one more under the tree while trying to get a leaf for Nisha. Too bad she already got her own leaf. 

I am not that great with gifts but I found myself inspired by the new Ardent Sparrow doily letters on OSD. 
I paired them up with the polaroid frames from the Brittania Mini kit and word cut outs on my Silhouette.

I took a cue from Smitha Katti's kiddie cards and let Avinash go to town on some kraft paper.  He made lots of tic tac toe boards, which I thought was kind of smart.  While he did that, I created the project file using my .studio software.  I printed out the doily letters on the tags and the polaroids, then ran them through my silhouette to cut out the letters.

The thank you font is a CK freebie this week - flip serif. The doily letters are from Ardent Sparrow and the polaroids are by The Edits.

I layered washi under the polaroid so the die cut letters would show through.  Most of it is from the office supply section of target.  Some is smash tape (love having all the different colors on one roll).  I used baker's twine to attach the little starbucks cards.
I put another strip across the back of half the words thank you.  It was a bit sticky through the die cut so I just sprinkled glitter in between for a final touch.
I brought them in when I picked him up from school today and his teachers were so thrilled with them.  His teachers have been so great this year and they will definitely be missed next year!

  All in all it was a pretty fun project, it didn't take that long and we did it together!  Of course if you don't have a silhouette, you could just print the whole thing out directly on tags with just regular printed letters not die cut letters. And, toddlers can invent countless new games with a couple rolls of washi in no time.

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  1. You tried the crayon marking card idea! How fun:)

  2. I did! We both enjoyed it and he got to feel a connection to the gift. thanks again Smitha :)

  3. great photos!! I love the beautiful!

  4. your children are precious and those tags are completely amazing!!!!

  5. I think your photos are fantastic! I don't know why boys are so hard to capture - my nephews go through non-smiling phases or super fake smiles. There seems to be no in between. Great idea for teachers gifts. Love that the kids decorated the tags.

  6. Great project and super cute kids!

  7. This is so wonderful, I am really looking forward to our summer craft projects. My goal is to incorporate my boys artwork into my scrappy stuff. I love those tags!!!

  8. Fun shots of the first and last day!
    Boys are definitely harder to photograph in my case. My son pretty much ran away from me this morning when I tried to get a last day photo :)

    And such a great idea to have the kids decorate the tags! :)

  9. love how you used the tapes for tags!

  10. what a great idea letting kids do it! VERY cute. :)


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