Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Summer Summertime

I saw this on Ali's blog today and really loved it.  Summer somehow snuck up on me and it might be good to take a minute and think about what we are going to do here.  Though, to be totally accurate it is still spring for another month, but you get the idea.

Avi's school ends next week, which seems crazy to me.  We have daily swim lessons for two weeks at the Y.  And, I am already thinking about which yoga class to take afterwards.  I love this one fiesty Japanese yoga instructor there and may be stalking her this summer.

Nandini is already fourteen months and still not walking.  It may be time for to sign her up for some kind of baby gymnastics class or something.  I know I shouldn't worry, but I can't help it.

Try to keep an eye on all the free events going on around the city this summer.  I already added a bunch of free shows playing at Hermann Miller Theatre and Discovery Green to my calendar.  We went to the opera the other night and had a very relaxing almost entire first act before we had to leave. 

Ryan and I are going Aruba this summer for my best friend's wedding but we decided to leave both kids at home.  I am sure they are going to love all the Nana and Nani attention.

But, what about our just regular days?  I know that I want less TV.  It feels like an addiction whenever we are in the house and not at school or out.  I don't want it to be the default.

I want us to play more, inside and out.  It is so hot here that I can't ignore the inside option I think.  Maybe more puzzles, more books, but I probably need to get some more ideas.  I want us to eat more fruit.  More watermelon.  I want us to spend time on the patio.  Watering the plants.  Collecting huge amounts of basil and peppers.  Nursing all of other sad plants.  Chalk drawing.  Water fights.  Kite flying.  Bubble blowing, Nandini's new favorite thing.  Go to the circus. Play tennis more with Ryan at the Y.  Read more, maybe join a book club.

That is for starters.  Off to look for ideas and inspiration.  Please, feel free to send me your links in the comments.


  1. Oi,eu amei esta imagem!Adoro colorido.
    Muito inspirador. :)

  2. Looks like the start to a lovely summer! I have been scoring our papers and events for fun free activities. Our favorite during the summer is Lake Eola in the center of downtown. We go on Sunday for free parking, picnics, the farmers market, and playtime :)

  3. I am considering doing a similar post after seeing Ali's post yesterday - you did it so well. And I love the rich colors of those photos! Beautiful!


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