Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kitchen Table Rainy Day Crafts

We have had a lot of rainy days here.  Full on downpours that keep us inside for inordinate amounts of time. Not that being outside in the heat is any more bearable, but at least we can manage to walk to a museum or something.

Love how when we're out of cereal, a trip to Target also yields new project supplies for me and Avi.  He really loved the block party kit.  I was so happy when he asked to paint first thing in the morning (instead of the usual TV obsession, breakfast is always an afterthought). And, yes, I use old Studio Calico boxes to help keep (some of the) paint from going everywhere.  I am so on the ball with this recycling thing.

I claimed the watercolor set as my own.  But, Avi got to help.

 I put some letter stickers on the blocks and let him paint.  Peeled them off when they were almost dry and got this effect.  I may have done Nandini's block for her.  It isn't perfect, but I like it!

The Privet House stuff from the new Target Shops was on sale too, so I got this cute tray and votive holders.  Had to scrub a lot of dried paint off the table before I took these pictures.  We live in a two bedroom apartment, so there is no dining room but I still wanted to share on Kelly's summer home tour today so I took a few more pictures around the kitchen table.

A row of canvases that tell the story of the Ramayan we had made for our long wall.

I got most of this stuff at Target too.  The red felt bag is from the dollar spot and holds the bibs.  The peacock tray is from Macy's.  I saw similar farm produce containers at Anthropologie, but couldn't justify the price tag (I want to say over 20?).  Then I saw these for way way cheaper at Target.  Score! Probably wouldn't have bought them if I didn't see them at Anthro first though, ha. And now I have something pretty to keep tomatoes or fruit in.  

Don't worry all of the mess is cleverly hidden. 

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  1. Love your post. Your kids are so lucky to have such a fun mom!!! :)

  2. I love Target! Did you get the watercolors there? T would almost always rather paint than do anything else, and I try to indulge but it's so hard when I set everything up and she's done in less than 5 minutes :) I need to get over that.

    But I too love Target. It's actually kind of a dangerous thing for me, and I'm better off now that I can print my Project Life photos at home instead of getting them there. I won't spend as much $.

  3. @Anandi - You are totally right, Target is a total money pit. Our trips there are sort of self limited right now because of how crazy it is with the two little ones luckily.
    Honestly, most of our crafts are not done at home because of the 'five minutes and done' frustration here too. We are usually out at the kid's museum/library or art museum. But it is nice to have some activities for home on hand too. And, the watercolor set was from there too. About the same cost as a bottle of mister huey, so I called it a good buy and got it!

  4. What a fun idea to do with kids, will have to do this one day. I think the boxes came out great.

    I LOVE LOVE the paintings on your long wall, they are so pretty!!

    We like Target also, there's always something cute there. What pretty pictures of your table and new pieces!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. So much fun! Such wonderful colors!

  6. I love Target! I am usually so inspired after 30 minutes of wandering around. Great fun project with the kids. You're happy, they are's all good! :)

  7. I LOSE IT every time I walk by the Kid Made Modern stuff. This post has definitely inspired me to go back to Target and pick up some stuff for my big kid! :) (did you see the journal set they had there?)

    Love the canvases on your wall too. They're so colorful!

  8. Who doesn't love a quick trip to Target? My husband groaned when they built one across the street from our neighborhood. My kids love browsing the craft aisle and the dollar spot! Love your bright, colorful photos and projects. I found your blog through 2Peas.

  9. What fun projects to do with your kids! It inspires me to get some paint out with them and go a little wild :)

    Target is one of my absolute favorite stores ever!!

  10. Love your apartment. It is so fun and lively. Wonderful colour, without being crazy overwhelming or distracting.

  11. I miss having a Target! This made me really jealous!!!

    I love the art blocks!

  12. Oh what fun! We are planning a trip to Target this weekend Need to look for some Water Color paints I love to use them w/the bubbles kids LOVE it :)

  13. I love Target's Dollar Spots, of course by the time I leave that area it's like Target $50.00 spots! Great fun! Love Penny

  14. Your kids must have loved it! I know my kids *heart* paint! :)

  15. Very nice photos. I love the colors. Thanks for sharing .My own 4 year old loves water color painting too. (I do too!)

    Enjoy the new week. I am visiting from Bloggy Moms. Glad to "meet" you!


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