Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Project Life - happy day!

Last week was full of those langorous almost summer days that just run together. The only thing on our schedule was Avi's swimming lessons in the mornings. It was hot out and honestly, we stayed home a lot and watched a lot of TV. Ryan went out of town for a few days, which is probably when we went out the most because suddenly sitting at home with two stir crazy kids was no longer an option. 

I forgot to include his little swimming progress report and certificate (though, seriously? does he need an award for completing 8 swim lessons?).  Add to that a lot of other projects in the works and not a lot of pictures taken. So, I ended up with a one page spread. 

Still it was fun.  I used a lot of instagrams and 'rainbow' pictures edited on my phone with a free app (camera 360?).  It's not great, but I wanted to play with some different filters (ok...Avi wanted to play with them more than me). I made some quick lists about my kids.  Stuff that is hard to find a place for, but stuff that I want to remember (and find hilarious to look back on). I used some washi and lots of different stickers.  I inked the edges of patterned paper I cut into cards with a contrasting color (instead of my usual vintage photo brown).  Loved the finished but funky look it gives.

We went to an outdoor screening of the Muppet Movie at Discovery Green while Ryan was away.  Sadly, it was not the original movie, but, even the recycled material is so good that I was laughing out loud with Avinash.  So happy that we he is at that age to enjoy Muppets.  We need to watch the rest of the movies together now!  I used this Studio Calico polaroid paper to matte this picture.  It is the perfect size for a 2x2 (cut from a collage of 6 pictures printed on a 4x6).

I love these little Elle's studio circles, I added a circle instagram stamp and a circle die cut.  These little alpha stickers in teal are perfect for tiny project life titles.  I added a little wooden car because of the driving montage. See? it's all topical ;)

The full spread.

A little extra bling on an Amy Tangerine tag. I have so many extra numbers, trying to use them up for dates when I remember.  Used this old Studio Calico sticker for the title, slips into the pocket much more easily than thickers.

I did one 'top ten' list for each of them.  One about Nandini's signs of affection and one about Avi's naptime excuses, ha! 

I got some new washi tape, so just stuck it on some cards and put photos on top.  We flew kites at the park, so I had to use whatever kite themed stickers I could find. I ruthlessly cut a little boy off of this very apropos OA 'fly a kite' sticker and added the flying high on top.

Some more random Nandini pictures.  We finally got her a real doll and suffice to say her reaction was instantaneous.  Kissing it, brushing her hair, poking it in the eye, soothing it.  Just, so much love. 
A little bit of glitter for the thickers. The stamp is from a new class at Studio Calico. 

Linked up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. The PL kit I am using is the Clementine kit. Thank you so much to everyone in this wonderful community. I love all the feedback and looking at everything people do each week. It definitely keeps me motivated. And, please, link me up to any of your inspiring pages this week as well in the comments!


  1. OMG these are soooo cute!! I love the way you added fun things to each little pocket. They all came out colorful and so dang cute!! I need to come play with your stuff, you have so many cool things,lol

    The little extra's you put in this week about the kids are the best. I love adding in the little things they are doing/saying at this time. you will love looking back at this and reading/laughing about it.
    My girls loved their baby dolls too, they kept their dolls up till last year and finally packed them away. Made me so sad to do that, I miss seeing their dolls.
    Thanks for sharing your great week and pages with us. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Love your Avi quotes pocket! Super super cute. It sounds like a perfect holiday week!

  3. I am a huge muppet fan! When Hubby and i were dating we watched 'Muppets from Space' and his roommates thought I was so weird. LOL

    If I keep reading your posts I'm going to be a Project Lifer!

  4. so full of colors, just love it!!
    also loving the 'instagrammed' stamp, i might buy it real soon!

  5. ove the pages.. whatare you using for teh jornaling the print and pen is so crisp in writting that very nicely done.

  6. You're pages are always so full of color and happiness. Love the cirlce stickers too.

  7. Amazingly cute as ever. My fave cards this week are the Awesomeness quote card and the way you've layered the kite sticker over two cards.

  8. This looks fab! I love that turquoise/teal with the yellow!

  9. As always, I LOVE your pages! Love the bright colors & love your use of all the letter stickers.

  10. So bright and happy! Loved your kite!!!

  11. Such fun pages! Love it!

    Thanks for the sweet comment :)


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