Monday, June 4, 2012

Project Life - Be You

This week was a first for me. I attended a real life crop this weekend (with my friend Viji).  It was actually our first time meeting in person and it was so fun.  We have talked online quite a bit so it was nice that the transition to real life felt so natural.  I ran into another girl from the 2peas forums and hit it off with her really well too.  There were alot of other great women there so I hardly got anything done because we were talking so much.  I felt like everyone else was such a pro, just chatting and swiping paper through their big trimmers and portable die cut machines while I just shuffled photos around from pocket to pocket very sloooowly.  I ended up finishing up most of the journaling and embellishments at home, but I had a great time anyway!

I used one vertical and one horizontal page this week.  Ryan and I laughed about the top picture of Nandini - just letting her do her thing, ie, drink water out of the patio bucket....  I mean, I always try and stop her, and keep the bucket on the table now, but the fabric swatch seemed appropriate somehow, ha!   
I bought this packet of Basic Grey die cuts when I was at the store because they looked so nice in person.  Each piece is die cut and letterpressed.  Very nice quality, thick paper too.  I used the big piece on the Wed. card.  I sort of failed at coloring in my JBS letter stamps to mimic their day of the week stamps.  I figured I didn't need both sets of stamps, but maybe I do? 
I added a new 9to5 today sticker to the photo of Avinash and I with a bit of hambly woodgrain washi for good measure.
The last three photos are all instagrams too.  Avinash hiding among mannequins.  Trying to teach Avinash to play fair during lots of games of Candyland, And Avinash with his new toy. Hmmm..  I left the eye holes in the mask from last week because I think it cools like it is. 

Another stellar parenting moment recorded from when I bought Avinash this $2 sword at Target.  It didn't take long for the thing to be confiscated.  I still think he looked cute holding it though. Another BG letterpress piece for the date. The thickers are Amy Tangerine and the die cut hello is pacifico font, leftover from another project (I downloaded the font free here).  I ran out of space so I journaled directly on the photo with a thin sharpie.

We had another girls' outing last Saturday that I brought Nandini along too.  She was so happy the whole time.  Not sure if it was the copious amount of dessert or the fact that she had all of my attention to herself for once.  Either way, we both had a great time.  Friday was another nice playdate outing with friends, though Avi and Roshan spoiled the whole ladies at lunch theme.  I used some printable cards from the Tattered Pear and added my own stamping to each one of course.  I use mostly distress inks black soot, vintage photo and this JBS red a lot.  Stamping is such a pain, I like to use high quality and reliable inks when I do it. I could have done a star wash to the photo of Nandini at the top, but didn't want to cut out the bit of 'sprinkler rainbow' in the picture.  Turns out you can hardly see it after I printed the photo anyway. 
I stapled a camera to the basicgrey Be Happy die cut and journaled on another one as well (there are a lot of great pieces in that one pack!). 

I figured I might as well use this photo of Nandini at brunch to write about some of her current favorite foods.  The Nandini monthly update type posts and scrapbook pages keep getting put off, so at least I can write down a few things about here in project life each week. I realized I could get that 'stepping stone' effect with an old globe stamp duo, so I just used it here even though it doesn't really apply.  I used light blue and dark blue chalk inks (which DO NOT work well on textured cardstock, fyi). I added a little warm calico mist around the edges (painted, not sprayed).

Loooove these new graphic bags at 2peas.  I have striped and chevron in many colors just waiting to go into project life pockets.  In the future I may even stuff some of that memoribilia I've collected in there.  The wood arrow points to them holding hands in their car seats.  Melted my heart when Ryan showed me that.   I might even do a layout about that as well. 

I would also like to do a mini-giveaway this week.  I have never used the butterflies or the frame stamp from my SC Daydream Believer kit and feel that they should find a better home.  There are no requirements, other than leaving a comment and please domestic shipping only. I will end this giveaway next Monday at midnight for all those interested. 

Linked up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. The PL kit I am using is the Clementine kit. Thank you so much to everyone in this wonderful community. I love all the feedback and looking at everything people do each week. It definitely keeps me motivated. And, please, link me up to any of your inspiring pages this week as well in the comments!


  1. Oh I would love to go to a crop! It sounds like great fun. I love your pages again. So much colour and life in them!

  2. The "sword" is my fav part-- looks so cool!!

  3. Love your PL pages. So colourful and fun!

  4. have i said this before? your PL is one of my favorite!! :D

  5. Love all the color in your PL pages! Makes it so fun to look at!

    Isn't it funny how we go to a crop to get a lot done, yet spend more time talking!

  6. I love the SWORD! Loving the colors as always!

  7. Great job...I love everyone's take on PL! :)

  8. Love you PL! Maybe some time I will do it! Love the idea!

  9. I love all those Basic Grey diecuts on your page--they look so much cuter on your page than they do on the website. As always, your eye for color inspires me! Great job!

  10. I love the colours of your PL! So vibrant and full of life! Glad I stopped by. :)

  11. FABULOUS! Love the bright colours!

  12. Girl you made me laugh so hard with your sword comment- I made the EXACT same mistake with Lola only it was with a medium sized rubber ball that bounces really high- she just insists on bouncing it off my head- uncomfortable to say the least. Beautiful job with the PF- I love those chevron baggies and have a whole set but have yet to use them effectively- the yellow one os my fave.

  13. Such great PL pages!
    Love how you incorporated the mask!!

    And those bags are so cool.
    I had not seen those at 2p's yet.
    Must add some to my cart :)

  14. Love the way you used the BG die cuts, and the little bags are cute!

  15. What lovely pages you have!! The sword, block towers, drinking from bucket and a CROP, all good stories to remember. I love the goodies you add to your pages, looks so cool.
    I need to journal still and then will post my PL hopefully later today or tomorrow. Thanks for reading my summer list, cousin switch day is a new one added for this summer. I think it will be fun too.
    I read your last two posts and enjoyed them also!!
    Enjoy your day!

  16. I've got my photos out for last week's PL but haven't made the pages yet. I'm in the middle of moving my craft room downstairs to make room for the new baby (coming in October). But I should get the PL stuff done soon or else I'll get even more behind than I already am (am working on the second week of April, simultaneously with last week so I don't continue to get so far behind!!) Love seeing what other folks are doing and getting some ideas!

  17. nandini's favorite foods card is an awesome idea -- i think i'm going to have to borrow it. and once again, love love love all the color and life in your layouts! <3


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