Monday, July 16, 2012


you have changed so much in the past few weeks.  Starting with your first extended stay with Nana and Nani without us. 

You started speaking a few more words, mostly in Hindi.  Like bathao, ajaa, bhaiya, and dedo (tell me, come here, brother and give).
You started standing on your own. 

You took a step or two the day before we arrived in Pennsylvania.  Allegedly from the couch to the coffee table according to my cousin. 

You seem to laugh more and take delight in lots of little games.  Bringing toys, dominoes and cards to your Nana.   Swinging in the sheet or bouncing on her feet with Nani.

You continue to assert your Independence at all times. 

You still start out shy with new people but you delighted in playing with your cousin.  Even when she carried you around as best as a five year old can.  You protest more when Avi tries to hug you.

You were a little extra clingy to me once we got back.

You are totally into sorting and putting little things or cards away into boxes.

You love climbing and started pulling yourself up onto the fireplace.  You also rush down the stairs anytime the basement door is left open for half a second.

You had a party and two poojas in two different temples. 

You had a Nam Kiran at the temple.  And a three part Mundan.  At your Mundan pooja the priest started giving all the flowers directly to you because you wanted to put all the offerings in yourself, and you did a great job! Over the course of a week we had the party, then the pooja and finally the actual head shaving at home done by your Nana.  Both Avinash and Nandini had their first haircuts from Nana.

And, you finally started walking!!!  So happy that this happened before we left with the whole family around.  I took the video with my phone and it is lopsided, but you have to see it just for her giddy, proud face at the end.  Even though it took you six months longer to learn this than your brother, he is still totally jealous and we couldn't be more proud.

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  1. YAY! Awesome Job Nandini! Way to go! She looks so happy:)


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