Thursday, July 12, 2012

Avi's Circus Room

It took me years to get a real theme together for Avinash's room.  (Don't even ask about Nandini's room.  No idea there, other than the rainbow blanket that now sits on her hand-me-down crib).  Eventually I saw this really cute circus tent from Ikea and went from there.  His first favorite movie was Dumbo, so it is very fitting.

 My original idea was Muppet Babies, but I couldn't find enough stuff.  Some are from childhood and they all have a special place on the dresser. 

I made an easy felt circus banner to go with the tent.  The  little monkey bags are from the Target dollar spot.  We got the Dumbo stuffed animal at Disney World, so it is a nice memory.

 Storage is key.  I always love the organization of the Berenstein Bears.  Boxes from Ikea, one for kitchen toys and one for puzzles.  It has really helped cut down on lost pieces.

Nandini approves too.  Sometimes she goes in the tent for a little bit of quiet time.

 I love this cute little mobile.  We live in a loft, so the ceilings are too high to hang stuff from, but it looks good on the closet handle anyway.

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I put together a baby room board and a Muppets board on pinterest that helps me get new ideas and inspiration too.



  1. wow.. Your kids must be super excited with so much fun stuff around.. This is amazing.. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Aw, what a cute room! Your little ones must LOVE it!

  3. I love her little space! Cutest theme ever!

  4. Super Cute Pics! Love those Muppets!!

  5. It looks great!! I love that tent and wanted to buy it, but I really have no place to put it. And the muppets made me smile! We have a bit of a muppet obsession at our house right now... ;)

  6. so so cute! what an awesome room for your little one to play in:)


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