Monday, July 2, 2012

Project Life - Hello Summer

My kids are staying with my parents this week and Ryan is away on business, so I had a lot of time to play.  I thought I would share some more of the process.  I printed out a lot of digi OSD files and created some sil cuts to go along with them on the cameo. 

 I'm not doing anything fancy, so I just make a collage in picasa of a few favorite cards.

 I open the file in my silhouette and draw some rounded 4x3 rectangles around the cards.

You can see a little better if I move it over.  I layer over some digi ribbons and a Saturday tab.

 Here are the cards out of the printer and cameo.

 Love how they pop right out.

I skipped reg marks, so this didn't line up perfectly, but it still looks cool.

I added my own text to this card.   I used this font (it's free, just click for the link):

I start to pull my pictures together.  I have a lot of 4x4 instagrams printed so I use a design C page protector.
I decided I needed to do a full page with these cute days of the week flags from Lauren.

 I just open the .png files in my Studio software and move all the files to one page.

I use the trace feature to cut out the outline of the flags.  Of course I hate to waste space on a sheet of cardstock, so I weld a couple squares with the words hello summer to fit in one of my 4x4 squares.  I thought it would be a nice way to mark the first (real) day of summer. The font I used here is (also free):

Fresh from the cameo. Love these colors.  These look good without the cameo too and were designed to layer easily on your digi pages.

 I also printed out this little embellishment and had my machine die cut a one inch circle around it to fit a bubble cap.  Homemade flair :)

I start working on the left side first. Cut up my pictures and find a place for that little flair.

This little picture is perfect to slip under this banner.  Nandini loved playing ball at the park on Saturday night. 

 I want to journal on this card, so I paint some white distress ink over the middle.  Just enough so you can still the cute background pattern around the edges.

I add my only stamp of the week and an elle's studio circle tidbit.

I love these new red flocked thickers, another day of the week flag and some journaling.  I use some little letter stickers to add the date (trying to use up all those numbers!).

I type a little and write a little to fill out a week in the review type card.  Still getting the hang of my new typewriter.  I use the other half of the paperclips from the previous week.

Hmm...don't really like that dark blue accordion sticker.  It is clashing with the bright orange in the middle.  And the neon pink washi is a little too much.

The dark blue is switched out for light blue and red.  And some wood veneers, camera and arrows, find their way on to the page as well.

I shifted the washi tape behind the die cut around a little so less of the neon tape is showing.  Even Heidi Swapp recommends using them sparingly on the back of the package.

This page came together a lot faster.  After looking at it originally, I added paper clips to match the left side.  I trimmed the regular photos down to 3.75x3.75 and backed it with a square of PB&J patterned paper.  I had gotten a whole stack together to choose from, but really liked the unity and simplicity of using the same paper throughout.

I rubbed teal chalk ink around the edges.  I love that little pop of color and use this color a lot.  It is not super crisp for letters, but it is great for backgrounds and edges like this.

 A little summer lovin' cutout added.  This water table drives me a little crazy, because Avinash always gets soaked but it is too hot to worry about now.

I typed my journaling on some martha stewart stickers. Somehow the thing punched out the center of the Os.  Interesting..

My new old typewriter, proudly displayed next to my washi collection.
 And, here is the scene after I finished everything up.  Oh my.  Note the cute new bowls from Anthro (on sale!) holding my tools and supplies.  I have a bowl for pre-made journaling cards and die cuts too.  Also, the precariously perched coffee in an Elvis mug.  Luckily I am really good at speed cleaning and it only takes me about five minutes to put everything away.

This week I used my silhouette a lot and my stamps barely at all.  Feels easier to do one or the other, not both each week. Having pre-made die cuts handy would also help.  Next time I'll make more at a time.
I'm also trying to journal about more than what is visible in the photo and dig a little deeper.  I'm not sure how far I got, but I think leaving out the obvious details helps. Finally, I am loving my new typewriter.  I just lightly put stickers on a piece of scrap paper and roll them in place.  My husband found a good deal for the typewriter on ebay.  So, even if you don't go thrifting or antiquing you can still get one!

Linked up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. The PL kit I am using is the Clementine kit. Thank you so much to everyone in this wonderful community. I love all the feedback and looking at everything people do each week. It definitely keeps me motivated. And, please, link me up to any of your inspiring pages this week as well in the comments! I try my best to visit each one, and I'm always happy that I do!


  1. no wonder your PL is so amazing!!!! Way to rock it!

  2. love looking at your PL pages!!

    I got my 1940s typewriter on Craigslist for SUPER cheap and the ribbons are thankfully still easy to find.

    Do you have the regular Sil Studio software or the Designer?

    I haven't thought to use print and cut much - great idea! I need to play around with it more. I just cut out a lot of simple stuff :D

    And now you've got me wanting to play around with the digital designs too...

  3. WOW, what a great job you did on the journal cards, love them. Can see how much fun you had putting the pages together. Love how everything turned out, thanks so much for showing us how you did everything too.

    How nice to have the house to yourself for a week!!!

    My PL pages aren't quite done yet, have to journal then will post hopefully later today.

  4. Hello! I loved your layout in the current issue of Scrap n' Art (I have a layout published there this month, too), so I decided to visit your blog. I love your playful, colorful style! I'm a follower of your blog now. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.


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