Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Avinash starts school on Tuesday and I can't help but feel a little sad that summer is ending.  Technically, we still have four more weeks of summer after that, but I have enjoyed having both of them home all day this summer.  We haven't done everything on the bucketlist, but we did play outside on the patio a lot.  It is hot here in Texas, so it is nice to be able to go outside without pushing the stroller through the heat.

They both like to draw with chalk now.  It is much easier to use if you wet it first.  Avi uses his toy mop to draw lines with water too. It is surprisingly less messy than you would think.  They do get a lot of chalk marks on their pants, but it comes right out in the wash.

 She turned the hose on herself. Baby knows how to keep cool, ha!

I keep a few plants outside.  Basil is most successful crop.  I hardly have enough use for all the basil out there and I make pizza or pasta a few times a week. I did have a lovely little pepper plant too, but it was eaten up by bugs.  My attempt to eradicate the bugs only killed my plant. Avi used to help me harvest the ripe peppers, and he still helps me water the plants all the time.

 It is also the perfect place to blow bubbles.  Add another word to Nandini's vocabulary.
We have a table set outside.  We eat dinner outside in the spring and fall when the weather is more temperate.  We sit outside and see who can count the most stars as they come out.

It rained a lot this summer so we found snails everywhere.  We also have lizards crawling around out there.  Avi loves finding them.

Our view may be obstructed by many medical office buildings, but the sunsets are beautiful too.


  1. Hi Nirupama lucky that you have a patio for the kids to play. Love the idea of having dinner outside with the family.

  2. I bet your kids sure love your patio ....looks fun

  3. I'm with you on the whole summer ending too fast. My girls go back in two weeks.

    That's so cool that you have a space to eat outdoors. I bet it's such a welcome space rather than eating in all the time:)

  4. Lovely photography ! sply the one with Nandini with her headband on the chair ! and the bubbles !!


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