Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rakhi Is Chocolate


We did puja today for Ryan's father and then did Rakhi with Avinash and Nandini after. Getting everyone showered and clearing one section of our house always takes longer than you think.

I tried to take a self-timer shot of us.  I love how Stitch is the only one ready to go here.

And then we just callously knocked him down.  I like you can see the twinkling lights and flower garlands hanging over the window here.

After I took down the camera, Nandini scooted over, picked it up and gave it to me.  Then she scooted back over in her Dada's lap and posed for a picture. Sweet girl.

Avinash gave us all tika in the beginning. I helped Nandini put some on her brother. I just used some twine I had to make their rakhis. She gave him her hershey kiss (I'm out of burfi, ok?). He gave her a hug and promised to protect her, but not before stealing the last kiss and shoving it in his mouth a'la his mammaji.

They both really enjoyed drinking the water more than anything.  He did give her a new baby doll which she loved and covered in kisses right away. I think I may show them the Rakhi episode of Sesame Street tomorrow morning. Not sure if what we tell them sticks, but Elmo seems to have lasting influence at least. Hehee.

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