Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All my T. Rexes are in Texas

They also played patty cake together today while I died of cuteness.

Avi is back in summer camp.  This week is dinosaur themed.

He has already declared his love for a 'beautiful girl' in his class.  He calls her Tyler (not her real name) and told her he is her guard.  Actually, they are both guards.  It gets confusing.  He literally dragged the girl's poor mother by the hand to meet me and made us exchange numbers.

I'm so lucky to have an extrovert for a son who helps me conquer my lingering playground insecurities.  I don't think we would ever have playdates otherwise. 

In preparation for Dinosaur week I suggested to him that he watch Dinosaur Train.  He pretty much has free reign over Netflix for an hour each day, but he did take my suggestion.  He ended up finding this really cute new episode, Dinosaurs A to Z.  They sing a song with, you guessed, dinosaurs from A to Z (as in A- apatosaurus, B - brachiosaurus, etc).  He knew a lot of it but still had some gaps.

Last night after camp he was trying to sing the whole song and I was, of course, no help.  I pulled out my phone and found the Dinosaur A to Z song printable from PBS kids.  We read through the lyrics together once or twice and then he had it down.  The cutest part is how he sings the chorus with such gusto.

We were just about to eat dinner when Ryan got home (I know, aren't we nice? Oops.)  He was stunned with Avi's recall.  I was too, but it was just fun to see his surprise.  Avi and I sang that song together at least five hundred times between dinner and camp today.

Nandini even started to learn the words "A - dinosaurus, A- dinosaurus, E - dinosaurus, choo choo choo!"  I can't even tell which version I like better.

We also volunteered to make the class sign for the week.  Apparently there was a big vote and they decided on the class name "Rainbow Thunder Rock Rex's"  That is so the title of my next scrapbook layout.

I had a huge custom order for a wedding to cut on the cameo, so I decided to cut out the title too.  The machine was already running and it just seemed to make sense.

Here is what we made.  I kind of love it.

ps. Totally did not try to get both kids hold up the banner, only to have the stubborn curly-haired child refuse even after the promise of a num num and then have her throw a tantrum for num nums anyway.  When did she learn to say "no picture"? And yes, I used my fancy Studio Calico watercolors on Rainbow and let them use old Crayola ones on the rest.  I never said that momma has to share. 

pps. I now know all of my dinosaurs from A to Z too.  Apparently you can learn a lot from television. Is there any way to put this information to good use??


  1. Love the rainbow banner!!! And dinosaur camp sounds awesome. I'll have to look up that episode for T - I bet she'd love it.

    1. Yes! Even I enjoyed this episode, the tune is surprisingly catchy..

  2. What a great project! Love the way it turned out!

  3. the banners turned out super cute!

  4. *LOL* That is *awesome*! Avi sounds like a real character and I'm sure his enthusiasm is intoxicating. Can't wait to see your next LO featuring those rainbow dinosaurs.

    1. Oh thank you. You have no idea. That kid is 24 hour one man show.

  5. Definitely dying of cuteness!

  6. Those banners are fantastic.
    We LOVE Dinosaur Train. Such a fun, educational show.

  7. How fun, love the rainbow banner..hugs

  8. I also know lots of names because of my kids's toys dinosaurus, and yes, it's "useful" : you look like so clever when you told your son not to forget his ankylosaurus at playground ! ;)
    Your banner is very cute.


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