Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day in the Life: June 2013

 I am playing along with Ali Edward's Day in the Life once again this month.  This was an even more average day than usual because we didn't do anything during the day.  Just stayed home, made soup together and they vegged out while I tried to get caught up on projects.  Luckily, Daddy came in home in time for a trip to the pool. 
I am working on my album now because if I don't get it done now I know that I may never.  Fingers crossed I can get it done tonight. You can see my progress on my Day in the Life mini album here.
OK, I am back! I sat down and got it all printed out (mental hurdle number one). Then I put it all together in my little mini album, and honestly, I had a blast doing it!

I love to have a see through element as my monthly divider.  I have used a lot of transparencies, but I decided to try something a little different. I found a dear Lizzy die cut card that I loved (and needed to stop hoarding) and sewed it onto a strip of vellum so that it could lay outside of a page protector.  And, then because I can't seem to leave my watercolor set (I have been using a Kid made Modern set from Target) alone I added a bit more pink to the top and then painted some JBS lemon drops paint on the bottom. It turned out kinda like that fabulous washi tape from Studio Calico last month.

Right behind it is a full 4x6 photo of Nandu.  The white letter stickers are from the Studio Calico PL kit.

The left side is photos and the right side is journaling.  I suppose I could switch it up, but I like the 2 inch squares, so each 4x6 collage holds 6 photos.

I stamped a few summer sentiments from the Studio Calico Elise Blaha stamp set.  I'm kind of a stickler about the literal meaning of stamps so I had to wait until June 21st to use most of this set.  My weird OCD side coming out.

There are four total 4x6s glued together back to back.  I make a hinge with washi tape in between the layers so that it is hidden.  Then I can flip open the page to reveal the rest of the days photos.  

One more Elise stamp that looks it was made for this photo.

I used a Paislee Press/Studio Calico stamp set on this side.  I stamped mostly with watercolor so the effect would be subtle.  I tend to use a lot of patterned paper in my projects, but I like that this album is coming out differently and uses other techniques to embellish.  Makes me more creative and helps my pages feel more cohesive without having a pre-assembled kit put together for the whole year.

I continued the Paislee Press theme with this stamp on the inside of my journaling page.  A little bit more of dear Lizzy die cuts and fabric stickers for some low key embellishments.  This mini album is all about simple.  

 I had the back page stamped with a black border too but I decided this spread needed a bit more texture so I dip dyed some ribbon in watercolor and stitched it onto a piece of scrap cardstock.  I glued this to the outside of my page protector because I am serious about that texture. 

Thanks for looking.  I hope you liked this little installment of my Day in the Life mini album.


  1. Wait, so every month's DITL goes into one mini for the year? Cool.

    1. Yes! I am using that little 4x6 cloth album from SC's december daily kit. I finally got this month's pages done so you can see how it all looks together.

  2. Love the idea! I should do this too! Such a lazy bum Iam!

  3. i love your idea of creating a ditl's super cute, too!


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