Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I have been ...

craving cheetos or any other junk food.

eating all the produce I buy at whole foods (or trying to, I live in Austin now and feel like I need to keep up).

drinking topo chico with mint in it, so good.

listening to Heera, my favorite song from the newish SRK movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix with Ryan.  A really funny and quirky new show.

singing songs from the Sound of Music with the kids a hundred times a day. They both have the lyrics memorized which amazes me.

going swimming by myself and with the kids at the gym. I so need to get some energy back.

helping Avinash fill out workbooks. Picked up a ton at the Target Dollar Spot and he loves going through them together.

putting together the little baa and baby duck puzzle with Nandini. I can never say no when she wants to p'ay togedah.

enjoying the little bit of rain we got and the lack of humidity in general this summer.

feeling thankful for my family and being together. 


  1. Too cute!!! :) I kinda wish I was in Austin right now- how did I end up in Utah??? Texas was the plan! Argh! Been eating too many potato chips myself- found my fave brand over at Big Lots- aka Big Trouble.

  2. My kiddo has been working on those same workbooks! I was so excited to find them! I've been loving the rain this month. It's so nice to have things cool down a bit.


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