Friday, July 5, 2013

Find Your Voice: Who are you?

 Find your voice is an awesome 8-week summer workshop that I am contributing too.  It is free and tons of fun to play along.  The community is really growing.  

I went through the prompts and decide to put what I learned into action. Telling the story of who I am right now in words and pictures on a layout.

I needed two pages and lots of space for journaling.  The large question mark card was meant to be held up during the "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" song, but I think it adds a dual meaning here of "Who am I?"

And, because 'who i am' is more of a process than a steady answer, I know I can come back and revisit this topic over and over again.  I think it will lend a good background to my albums going forward.

Also, this page was totally inspired by a window display at Anthropologie. That is all.

Make sure you go and check out the prompts and this weeks projects here.  You can read more about my thoughts on this subject and how I made my project. Then come back and link up your words/projects as well at the blog link-up.


  1. GASP!!! Amazing layout! LOVE IT, PINNED IT!!!

    1. You are the sweetest! Thank you. I swear you are like my number one pinner :))

  2. I love this layout! I definitely get the "anthro vibe". Well done. I am going to check out the workshop and make a commitment to completing it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Your layouts always make me sit and stare! I'am pinning it too!

  4. i agree that we are all a process, wise one! you created pages that feature lots of journaling while being artistic too. well done. the photos of your children continue to melt my heart. they are so cute. :)


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