Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Planning a Pi Day Party .... again

Oh my goodness.  I almost thought for certain we would skip having a birthday party for Nandini this year.  While I do love to throw parties, this soon after the baby's birth is a little tough.  I mean, she has been chattering about her birthday since Avinash's Halloween birthday party (How 'bout me??  How 'bout my birthday party? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TOMOLLOW!!), alternating her sing-songy happy voice and her plaintive-panicky voice.

She had kind of stopped mentioning it after a few months, but I guess we let it slip that it was her birthday again in few weeks and she has started up at full steam.

She even has a full song to sing.  It is a masterpiece of guilt and cuteness. Here are a few verses:
I love my family // They my favorite
Because my birthday party // Say Sooprise 'a me
And my yellow cake ... FOR ME!!!// I love my family

She does this shakey dance thing while she sings and all thoughts I had of skipping her party just vanish out the window.  I really, really want to have a tea party birthday for her, but not this year.  Maybe next year when I have a little more time to plan.  So, we are going with the Pi Day theme again.  And, let's face it.  Having a Pi Day party is just fun.

We did it last year and I was looking at the pictures for some ideas. 

We had cake, pie and strawberry shortcake skewers.  So yum.  This year, we will be having yellow cake I guess.  

We also brought Holi powders to play with.  

We asked everyone to wear white (to make playing Holi more fun) but brought an extra outfit for the birthday girl so she could wear her special party dress while she cut the cake. 

Setting up the pie plates.  Just shaving cream and paper plates.  Easy, cheap and so much fun. 

Then the real games began! I love this type of birthday party entertainment.  It is low budget and instead of all the kids sitting to watch a magician or shoving each other over the balloon animal line, they get to just run around and have fun together.  Isn't that what it's all about?

the ultimate pie day


  1. Oh my goodness, that little song is just adorable. The Holi Powders and shaving cream seem like such a fun addition to any party. I know my husband and I have a blast with the powders at The Color Run. The laughter alone is worth it.

  2. Looks like it was a blast, am sure she'll love her party and her yellow cake this year!


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