Thursday, March 13, 2014

So lucky: Trying my hand at Brush Script

I definitely enjoy playing with paint, so I figured I would give the life|Scripted class at Studio Calico a try. I bought some gauche, india ink and a bamboo brush as well.

I am also getting ready a set of brush script printables and a freebie for my blog readers as well.
(Avinash made this one, but isn't it cute?)

February 2.
This was literally my first attempt at brush script.  I don't even think I practiced.  Here I traced the letters out with pencil and painted over it with India Ink.  Not the ideal effect, but luckily all those cute hearts save it.  This layout uses mainly items from the SC Sugar Rush kit (and other than the brush script is a major Scraplift of Nicole S's layout).  I made a few extra hearts from patterned paper and washi tape (using the plastic hearts as a template for both).

So lucky.
This was a later attempt at brush script.  I really like how my letters are more fluid here.  At this point I realized that I need to dilute the india ink, so I started mixing it with with black watercolor and found it much easier to get a good flow.
The layout itself is more simple.  I cut out some pink, lime green and navy paper diamonds, along with a little black&white to tie in the script to use as accents and stitched them onto the page.  I also added some cloud printed transparency cut into diamonds, though you can't really see it in the photo. I scattered some wood veneer like confetti and added a strip of ribbon on the bottom to soften the page.  I just used a tag as a template to trim the photo.  Such a neat trick!

Linked up with Paper Issues, Lucky stars edition.  How appropriate is that?

Somehow I seem to spend all my time holding the baby and nursing him when he is awake, and scrapbooking about him when is asleep.  Is there anything better?


  1. Adorable layouts! Love your script writing!

  2. Love the layouts, but that baby takes center stage! He's precious!

  3. So Lucky is my favorite!! Love love! You're doing great on the writing and the baby is sooo cute!! Aww!

  4. Your first layout with the hearts is just beautiful!

  5. Awesome layouts love the brush script writing :)

  6. What gorgeous layouts!! Both of them are totally adorable!

  7. These are FANTASTIC!!! Love love LOVE both the shapes, the colors and the hand cut hand lettered styling! So inspiring!

  8. Gorgeous work!! I'll be featuring you at Paper Issues tomorrow!

  9. Popping over from Paper Issues to say how much I adore the Lucky layout. Such a great design, and very cool to print the photo onto a shipping tag. Thank you so much for linking this up with us at Paper Issues xx


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