Thursday, March 27, 2014

Seven Weeks

Dear Lucky,
You are seriously growing every day. Your cheeks have filled out. Your limbs look longer all the time. 

Your eyes are just as big and bright as ever. You're a pensive soul. You thoughtfully study the ceiling fans,  the view of greenery from our living room window, and the raucous crash of your brother and sister. Every once in a while we even catch your eye and you look at me. I would love to know what you are thinking about.  Nana and Nani love to FaceTime with you, you can't really focus on the screen but they love seeing you on a regular basis. In fact, they practically insist on since they don't want to miss any changes in you from day to day.  They jumped at the chance to visit us in April too.

I love it when you grab and hold on to my hair. You have been grabbing for a few weeks now but my hair is the only thing that interests you. It's such a little thing, but it makes me feel closer to you.  Like if you could choose, you would choose me anyway.  It is nice to see you move with purpose.

Your favorite things are: to drink milk (of course), be snuggled up in the carrier and to take a bath. Bappi puts you in the sink and you just lay back and totally relax. It is a joy to watch.
You are sleeping a little better these days but you are not on board with my ideas of sleeping in.  For the most part you wait at least two three hours in between feedings now. This is a huge relief from the hourly or half hourly feedings we were doing for a while. You have gained another pound since your last check up.  Also great to know since we can't measure your intake in ounces.  It is nice to have the concrete validation of a number to go by.

We are also getting out more and more which feels so good. I hope we can start having more outings too and not just driving from school.  Thankfully you sleep well in your car seat.  People always seem stunned to see such a little baby. All the moms at dance class commented on how you can be seen in the carrier now instead of you being hidden inside all the time. 
Love you.

*life moves so fast, I want to record a little bit about you here whenever I get the chance so I have something to look back on. 


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