Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Gudiya!

It was amazing to see Nandini (aka Gudiya, our little doll) so excited about her birthday.  I decorated a little bit the night before so she would wake up to a surprise! She had early morning balloons and was all about being a princess so she got to wear her Cinderella dress all morning (while watching Cinderella and having tea parties with us of course).  When she got bored of princesses we went outside to play ball.  At night we went to a woodland fairy trail event at Zilker Botanical Garden.  Her cake wasn't exactly yellow but she didn't seem to mind, especially since it did have yellow candy on it to make up for it. 

Happy Birthday Nandini! You truly bring so much joy to our lives.  We didn't have our pi (e) fight yet, but it's coming and tomorrow we play Holi!  


  1. Happy birthday, little one! She's a beautiful princess in her white dress.

  2. What lovely pictures - I have been a massive convert to yellow since my daughter was born, it's just such a cheerful colour - thanks so much for sharing at #EmptyYourArchive


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