Friday, October 23, 2015

Around Here, Fall 2015

Turning seven, complete with a pink and green Hagrid cake.  

Attending some weird but oddly fun bubble palooza at Laguna Gloria Art Gallery.

Every once in a while modern art comes through with a win.  Even though we were in a crowd I loved the sensory deprivation of being completely covered in bubbles.

Sorting shapes and stacking blocks.

He also counted to three the other day, but he's like the signing frog and won't do it again for an audience.  I'm not crazy, I swear!

Antiquing at Round Top.  Funny story.  We got there a day late.  Which wasn't so funny at the time, especially after we had made the long drive out there.  Because planning is just not our thing.  We ended up driving a few miles down the one road and found a few places still open.  Nothing major bought, but it is still fun to look.  

Of course when we tried to get pie, the pie shop was closed.  Naturally we drove all the way back to Austin and kept going further north to the other branch of the pie shop for pie.  

I even called ahead and made them reserve a slice of apple for me.  

You can't fool me twice. 

Making dozens and dozens of Harry Potter invitations and crafts.  This is one of my favorite party themes to date.  Avinash is reading the first book to himself now, so I had to buy him the new Illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone edition.  It looks so fantastic I can't wait to see it in person.

Chilling at ACL.  

We were all about the swag, in that the kids ate at least ten free Kefir ice pops each - even Lakshman!  We also did every craft project, every photobooth, and every karaoke or kiddie DJing experience.  Of course they made me leave before I got to see Billy Idol - who was playing at four in the afternoon!  These kids have no appreciation for classics.  

Getting his first official school photos taken.  He's so unbelievably sweet.

Blowing "bubbles" from our milkweed and watching the Monarchs as they trickle in. 

Going to Fancy Milkshake Parties

And pumpkin picking of course.  I'm so glad things have sort of calmed down and found their rhythm after the stress of the new school year starting. How is your fall going?

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